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San Francisco Herb Company: From Tea To Rare Botanicals

Located, of course, in San Francisco, CA, this herb company has been in operation since 1973, when the rise of the fast food industry hit full speed.

The San Francisco Herb Company’s simple goal was to inspire people to choose their food, beverages and ingredients wisely and to provide their customers with the highest quality possible for the best value.

From Humble Beginnings: The San Francisco Herb Company

A leader among the bulk spice companies, their dedication to the industry has been cemented, with products on offer such as teas, spices, herbs and seasoned salts, not to mention their wide array of organic products and accessories.

Calling themselves SF Herb for short, this company boasts a diverse team of experts at the helm. Reflecting the idea of the melting pot that is San Francisco, their experienced staff includes many original employees who have been with the company for over ten years.

The San Francisco Herb Company is so dedicated to the customer experience, that they developed their own custom software in the 70’s to prioritize customer satisfaction.

Even though this herb company is not certified as a warehouse to offer certified organic products, they are registered to handle organic products and therefore able to sell these products in their original case size.

It’s All About The Herbs and More

What’s exciting about the San Francisco Herb Company is that much of what they have to offer is wildcrafted (grown in the wild) and/or cultivated without the inclusion of harmful commercial pesticides and fertilizers.

This company also sells a large variety of herbs for culinary, medicinal and cosmetic purposes as well as essential oils. The tea on offer here is often sold at wholesale prices, with herbs and spices ranging from alfalfa leaves to yucca roots.

There’s a good chance that the rare botanicals you’re searching for can be found at the San Francisco Herb Company. They also offer prepared herbs in powder form, seeds and cut roots.

This herb company has so many incredible teas that you might stumble across some that you didn’t even know existed. Along with tea balls, strainers and other accessories and products, you’ll be sure to lose yourself when browsing their website.

The San Francisco Herb Company Teas

SF Herb sells wholesale bulk loose tea but they also sell tea bags, ensuring the best quality possible across their assortment of black, white, green and herbal teas, as well as oolong and pu-erh. You can enjoy fruit blends and aromatic ingredients that create a perfect cup of tea to remember.

Pu-erh Small Leaf Tea

Sourced from China, this small leaf pu-erh tea provides a dark auburn finish that is considered earthy and sweet, with a bright woody character. This tea is Shou (cooked/ripened) not Sheng (raw/green.)

Prepared via several steps of sun fixation, drying, piling, compressing and aging, pu-erh tea can be brewed multiple times for longer periods of time. Another great feature of this tea is that it never gets bitter and improves with age.

Honeybush Herbal Tea

A coarsely sifted loose tea, Honeybush is sourced from South Africa and is also known as mountain or berg tea. The name comes from the honey-scented flowers used in this tea and tastes like rooibos but sweeter.

As a side note, all San Francisco Herb Company’s herbal teas are naturally caffeine free, with the exception of yerba mate.

Formosa Oolong Tea

Oolong teas are allowed to oxidize to varying degrees, from green (no oxidation) to black (full oxidation.) The Formosa Oolong tea is sourced from Hsinchu, Taiwan and is commonly served in many Chinese restaurants.

It’s worth pointing out that they also have plenty of other options, including some nice green tea. If you’ve ever wondered “How much green tea is too much?“, their bulk deals are a surefire way to find out.

The large, coarse leaves have been oxidized to the halfway point to provide a smooth and mellow cup. Having said that, the tea is full-bodied with earthy notes of barley, making it a bright tea to start your day.

One of the great things about the San Francisco Herb Company is that you can buy your tea loose leaf and in bulk, especially if you’re the type who loves having a pot of tea to ensure you can have a second cup, or to share with guests. You could also create your own blends.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.