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Rishi Tea & How They Built An Empire Out of Camellia Sinensis

Rishi Tea is an Organic tea and botanicals company, born in 1997 and located in Milwaukee, WI. This tea company was founded by Joshua Kaiser, after realizing that people love tea just as much as they love coffee and wine.

Traveling around the globe to find the best organic ingredients, Joshua loves mixing his culinary curiosity with exploring the world.

In Milwaukee, Rishi Tea has a 32,000 square foot headquarters with an impressive tasting room. Organic food safety is paramount for this tea company, so their facility is set up to ensure purity and aroma segregation.

It’s all in the Name

Rishi means ‘One who is a seer, sage or seeker of truth’ in Sanskrit, which gives this company a sense of spirituality and mystery.

Just take a look at their mission, which states that Rishi Tea is the vanguard practitioner of tea and botanical arts and that they are devoted to the adventure of their craft.

Inspired by the culinary arts, Rishi Tea is a practice that draws inspiration from many disciplines. Their teas and blends reflect their creativity and open-mindedness, which is evident in their approach to innovation and research.

This tea company prides itself with their organic products, while most of their tea and botanicals are sourced from Fair Trade farms and companies.

Rishi Tea is on offer in many fine-dining establishments and high-end retailers, due to its reputation as being a delicious and decadent, high-quality product among tea connoisseurs.

Rishi Tea Certifications and Sources

Being a Direct Trade importer of ingredients from the best possible sources means that this tea company is founded on well-established, trusting relationships with growers who produce botanicals from environmentally sustainable farms and gardens in remote regions all over the world.

Rishi Tea sends its buying team across the globe extensively, who taste and select micro-lots grown exclusively for them. Being hands-on is what it’s all about and Rishi Tea thrives on this exhaustive yet rewarding process of sourcing.

Social responsibility and quality control is also governed by Rishi tea’s commitment to Direct Trade, with many aspects involved in verifying how the tea is grown and its trace-ability.

This tea company’s adherence to using Certified Organic botanicals and practices ensures that agrichemicals are not a part of the equation, to provide a healthier and more sustainable product, which passes value onto the consumer as well as the farms and their workers.

Rishi Tea has assisted several producers with converting from conventional farming methods to organic and over 95% of the ingredients they import are Certified Organic, in adherence to the USDA NOP standard.

Rare teas and herbs like Kyoto Matcha and Afghani Saffron are sourced from growing regions where organic certification is not possible at this time, due to the scope of smallholder producers and other factors.

Rishi Tea ensures that they verify the safety of their botanicals and that they wouldn’t create a tea they wouldn’t drink themselves.

Rishi Teas

There’s a large range of Matcha tea available from Rishi Tea, including associated tea wares and the offering of loose leaf and bagged tea, which they call tea sachets. Working with the best growers, sourcing the richest tea varieties and crafting their best blends is a top priority.

Rishi is passionate about providing aromatic infusions and full-flavored teas, using a plant-based filter mesh for their tea sachets; creating a superior extraction ratio, which means a better brewed cup of tea.

Organic Pu-erh Bordeaux

  • 15 Individually Wrapped Tea Bags- Pack of 6
  • Sourced Organic Niagra Escarpment AVA Wine...
  • Taste True Tea

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

Two ancient libations are honored in the creation of this blend, with red wine grape skins from Bordeaux varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cab Franc and organic Pu-erh tea. This tea is smooth with subtle hints of lavender and blackberry.

The Pu-erh tea is aged and the addition of blackberries and raspberries rounds it off nicely. One of the best things about this tasty tea is that the ingredients are sourced locally.

Organic White Tea – Peach Nectar

  • Organic Tea; Peach Nectar
  • 95%+ Organic,Dairy Free
  • No Artificial Ingredients

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

White tea sourced from the mountains of China’s Fujian Province is harvested in early Spring and blended with rosehips, apples, honeybush and peaches to produce a honeyed undertone with floral accents. A delicate, sweet tea to enjoy any time, or even after dinner if you decide to skip dessert.

Organic Earl Grey

716 Reviews
  • EARL GREY TASTING NOTES - Full bodied and...
  • SAVOR & ENJOY - Brew one Earl Grey Herbal...
  • GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH - USDA Organic, Non-GMO,...

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

1830’s British Prime Minister Charles Grey is the namesake of this classic black tea. The Earl Grey received a gift of citrus blossom scented tea traditionally called Tai Tai Cha, after saving the life of a Chinese nobleman, at least according to one tale passed down over time. There’s some debate over the origins of Earl Grey tea, but that’s neither here nor there right now…

This blend was replicated in tea salons throughout Europe by scenting the tea with Italian Bergamot orange oil. This fine brew is smooth yet full-bodied and accentuated by the floral aroma of real bergamot citrus.

Keeping it simple, Rishi Tea lists only two ingredients: Organic black tea and essential bergamot oil, like like a great Earl Grey should be.

You might be fooled into thinking that Rishi Tea is a brand for tea snobs or hipsters, but their honest approach and passion for true, honest flavors have created products that appeal to anyone with a love for high-quality, flavorful tea.

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