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Primula Tea: A Blooming Experience for Tea Lovers

Established in 1991 and located at Boca Raton, FL., Primula Tea has been offering flowering tea balls and accessories which have become a part of their brand heritage over the years.

Primula Tea’s Flowering Tea Balls

Crafted by artisans in China, each flowering tea ball is created by combining hand-sewn AA grade Green tea with all-natural flowers, which blossom before your eyes when immersed in hot water. Graceful and gentle, these tea balls are best brewed in one of this company’s glass teapots.

Products on Offer at Primula Tea

Each blooming tea ball can be used three times, delivering delicious tea that is also a beautiful work of art and a great conversation starter.

Also on offer at this family owned business:

  • Whistling tea kettles
  • Tea pots: Glass, Cast Iron and Ceramic
  • Brewing Mugs and Travel drinkware, and PLENTY more!

Primula Teas and More

Prepare for an artistic experience that enhances the appreciation of quality tea.

Primula Tea Flowers: Green Tea Flowers with Natural Jasmine

376 Reviews
  • ENCHANTING DISPLAY: These flowering teas...
  • GREAT FOR GIFTING: Any tea lover will enjoy...

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Handpicked ingredients include green tea which is blended five times with jasmine, creating ambrosial, floral notes. A gift canister is included, with 12 different flowering teas such as Noble Madam, Floral Passion and Oriental Beauty.

Each bud delivers a delicious cup of tea while providing optical beauty that will amaze your guests.

Teas of the World Tea Set

You can find it HERE.

This is a wonderful gift idea, which includes a glass teapot, a stainless steel infuser and tea packs in a keepsake bag. The tea packs include: herbal infusions, rose and black tea, green tea and flowering teas which are handpicked and crafted.

Asha Teapot – Amber with Three Flowering Teas

You can find it HERE.

This is Primula Tea’s largest teapot, which is BPA free borosilicate glass with a decorative glass leaf lid. Also included is a glass infuser and three flowering teas. You can select additional assorted teas to create a perfect gift for the discerning tea sipper who appreciates artistic beauty.

NOTE: This teapot is currently on special for only $2.00… don’t miss out! 

Primula Tea also provides Tea Bag Buddies, which are silicone tea bag holders that also act as lids for your cup. You can squeeze your tea without burning your fingers and they come in different colors. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, then this tea company is for you.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.