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President’s Choice Tea Helps Charities and Offers Quality on a Budget

A Canadian company developed by a creative group of people inspired by food, President’s Choice offers more than quality tea, much like Walmart with their Great Value brand. Loblaws is the store that uses this company for their store brands.

In the mid 1980’s, the founders decided to deliver quality products for their customer’s hard-earned money.

Focusing on developing unique or superior products which in turn offered better value resulted in customers flocking to their stores and helping them become one of Canada’s best-known trademarks.

Along with their other products, teas sold under the President’s Choice brand are sourced from all over the world, bringing exciting and new flavors to share.

Some of their teas are blended in their own test kitchens by PC Chefs and PC Product developers, with invaluable assistance from their dedicated suppliers. President’s Choice also offer helpful services and lines, such as banking and home products.

President’s Choice also has a ton of different teaware, sometimes under their store brands, along with more popular brands, too. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful copper kettle, or just a regular electric tea kettle, you’ll find a lot of different options at the Loblaws family of stores.

President’s Choice Children’s Charity

In operation for 28 years, President’s Choice Children’s Charity has granted $146 Million, with 3.1 million children helped across Canada.

This charity is involved in 2,139 food and nutrition programs, assists children with special needs and has clocked a whopping 26,300 hours of therapy to those in need.

This company also issues grants for schools to provide funding for the education of their kids and student nutrition programs that help towards building better and healthier futures. Under this umbrella, they have school equipment grants to assist in safe food handling requirements.

Their Community Fund Grants for non-profit organizations offer up to $5,000 to provide higher quality nutrition for children to empower them to become their own good food champions. The funds can be used for purchasing food, supplies, educational materials and food focused field trips.

With an eye to the future, President’s Choice announced a commitment of $150 million over the next decade to tackle childhood hunger.

President’s Choice Teas

Tea by President’s Choice doesn’t stop at the regular cup, with black, green, white and herbal teas. They offer a variety of ways to enjoy tea, including gourmet teas and special blends, such as Chocolatey Chai Tea, Moroccan Mint, Orange Pekoe and Chamomile Citrus Mint.

This company also has a Feeling line of tea for better health.

If you prefer your tea iced or sparkling, you’ll appreciate the teas sold under the President’s Choice brand. They include blends and infusions like Berry and Hibiscus, Peach and Ginger, Lemon, Cranberry and Mulled Apple, to name a few.

For the weight conscious consumer, they also offer diet selections.

President’s Choice Tea is one of many lines on offer at this Canadian company, even though they are only available online here in the U.S. If you like the idea of contributing to great works helping children and purchasing affordable, quality tea products, then this company is for you.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.