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Oolong Tea Benefits That Dr. Oz Won’t Shut Up About

There are many benefits to drinking all sorts of different teas, and there are also a lot of people who make a career out of over-hyping certain types of those benefits.

Primairly, it’s people who overhype the health benefits of Oolong tea. We’re not here to say there aren’t any health benefits, as there are ingredients in tea that have been studied and there are some interesting results, but we’re also not here to pretend that tea is some kind of magical medicine that will cure everything that’s wrong with you.

Browse our list of oolong tea benefits to learn the many incredible things it can do for you, such as better metabolism, antioxidants, and more…

A Little Bit About Oolong Tea

Oolong is a traditional Chinese tea falling somewhere between green tea and black tea. You’ll find some benefits from both types of tea in oolong, which is kind of “in the middle.”

Oolong tea leaves are only partially oxidized; as soon as the leaves begin to turn brown the process is stopped. Either rolled into long curly leaves or wrapped into small beads, this tea’s primary visual characteristic is how in unfurls in your cup.

When steeped, the leaves unwrap into long dark curly leaves, resembling the traditional ancient Chinese dragons.

Oolong is directly translated from its Chinese name, meaning “Black Dragon Tea”.

Oolong Tea Benefits (Dr Oz)

Dr. Oz has come under heavy criticism over the years, because he’s pretty loose in what he recommends. He’s single-highhandedly started many health fads, sprung up entire categories of supplements with dubious results, and even after it was exposed that many of his claims don’t hold water, he still reaches millions of people.

We don’t stand by any of these claims that Dr. Oz has made about Oolong Tea or other types of tea in general, we’re just here to pass them along, you need to do your own research, look at any studies he may or may not be citing, and decide if it seems legit or not.

Either way, you should definitely try/continue drinking Ooolong Tea, because it’s an amazing drink, but just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons and not becasue a TV doctor told you it’s a miracle cure to everything.

Dr. Oz says that Oolong Tea can help with weight loss by boosting your metabolism with caffeine and catechin. He says that Oolong Tea can block fat-building enzymes, and that he’s read studies that say that Oolong tea can leave to sustained weight loss and a smaller waist, as long as you don’t add too much sugar to it. Sure, if you’re using a drink with 0 calories to fill your stomach instead of Doritos, you’ll probabally lose weight, but this could be kind of misleading since you know there’s people out there who are just having their cheeseburgers with a side of Oolong tea and thinking this drink is going to be powerful enough to negate a poor diet or a lack of exercise. It doesn’t work like that, any “weight loss” help from tea isn’t going to be enough to move the dial if you’re not taking other big, big steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Here are some other popular Oolong tea health benefits that you’ll often see mentioned…

Many sites talk about powerful antioxidants found in tea that can help fight free radicals, promote strong bone structure, prevent tooth decay and help stave off cancers. These antioxidant properties have been studied over the years, shown to not only prevent disease and cell damage but actually promote healthy growth of cells.

Moderate caffeine content helps stimulate the central nervous system. Caffeine doesn’t seem like it would provide such a variety of health benefits, but it is credited with increased heart and muscle health. Oolong tea also has properties similar to caffeine, theophylline and theobromine.

You can reduce your stress levels with a cup a day. Stress is the cause of many health problems, it actually increases the body’s level of toxic chemicals and inhibits its ability to remove them. Simply taking the time each day to relax with a cup of tea can help reduce stress levels and allow your body to take care of the harmful toxins in a safe and natural way.

As far as the many benefits you’ll hear about, from losing weight to preventing cancer, the one that we beleive is the most rocksolid and bullet-proof is the ability to help you relax, and to reduce stress, which has a ton of different benefits for the body.

Other Benefits of Drinking Oolong Tea

Unlike most tea’s Oolong actually benefits from multiple steeping sessions. After you brew a pot of black or green tea the leaves are discarded because if used again it will have a foul bitter taste. Oolong tea builds up its flavor palate, the third or fourth brews from the same leaves are said to be the best.

Oolong tea variety is vast, ranging anywhere from a sweet fruity taste to a bolder roasted woody flavor.

Caffeine will also vary depending on the specific production method, the way you brew it and how many times you steep the leaves. However Oolong tea has less caffeine than black tea due to its fermentation process being cut short.

Take part in this ancient Chinese tradition and brew a cup of black dragon tea every day, enjoy the long distinct leaves and find the perfect Oolong for your taste.

There is an Oolong tea for everyone, whether you enjoy a clean fresh tasting cup of tea, or a complex profile similar to a fine scotch.

Drinking Tea Everyday

History of tea drinking dates back thousands of years, Oolong specifically dates back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907) in the Fujian Province.

Take the time each day to share in this ancient tradition and bask in its meditative qualities.

Pay homage to the rich Chinese history that led to the creation of such a wonderfully diverse type of tea.

A rich Oolong for the morning to replace that cup of coffee, offering similar flavors to that integral cup of joe. Perhaps a less oxidized Oolong for lunch giving the fresh clean taste similar to that of your favorite green tea?

At night, maybe choose a lighter fruity variety of Oolong?

Use tea time as an anchor to relaxation each and every day. Having a cup of tea to look forward to will help break up the work day, relieve stress, allow you the time to focus on the day, week or long term goals. Tea can be a cornerstone to living a healthy, stress free and cultured life…

An old Japanese Proverb sums it up beautifully:

“If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty.”

In Summary…

If you are a tea drinker who needs a bit more variety in every cup, explore the wonderfully diverse world of Oolong.

Share in the rich history of the legendary Black Dragon Tea.

Whether you need a bold cup of rich dark tea or a sweet fruity cup to enjoy with a light snack, the world of Oolong has you covered.

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