My 6 Favorite Tea Sites For Ordering Reasonably-Priced Teas Online

Tea can be an expensive habit to get into. We’ve all been there—drooling over first-flush Darjeeling, shade-grown gyokuro, and premium-grade matcha, before having a minor panic attack over the price and wondering how twigs and leaves could possibly cost that much. You shouldn’t have to sell a kidney just to drink good tea—and now, you don’t have to. Here are six sites that offer amazing teas at reasonable prices.

1. Rishi

Signing up for their mailing list gets you 15% off the first order, as well as potential special offers later on. Interestingly, every tea has a per-cup price as well, which offers some perspective on pricing; few teas exceed a dollar or two per serving. For the curious and indecisive, most teas are available in a $2 “teaser” size.

Free shipping is available for orders $49 and up.

Visit their collection.

2. Eco-Cha

Eco-Cha only sells Taiwanese oolong teas, but their selection is varied and changes seasonally. They offer a $5 coupon for the first order. The best deals are the gift sets, with 38 grams each of 3 teas for $30 or 5 for $40. If you want smaller quantities, all of their teas are available in 20 gram tasting sizes, which range from $2 to $11. Note that buying in larger quantities generally provides better value for money, however.

Free shipping is available for orders $75 and over.

Visit their collection.

3. Simpson and Vail Tea

With over 300 different teas, Simpson and Vail has an enormous selection, featuring the usual suspects—black, green, and so on—as well as herbal, flavored, decaf, blended, and flowering teas. They also sell coffee, so I guess they can’t do everything right. Every month, they offer discounts on several teas, coffees, and herbal teas. Additionally, they have a “loyal-tea” program—buy tea, leave reviews, or submit tea-based recipes to earn money back on future purchases.

Orders over $50 dollars receive free shipping.

Visit their collection.

4. Upton Tea

Upton sells hundreds of teas of all kinds and regularly offers discounts, many up to 50% off. They have a good selection of reasonably-priced sampler packs, including Assam, Green, and Earl Grey tea, most of which cost about $13 for 140 grams, in addition to offering sample sizes (around 5-10 grams) on many selections.

Visit their collection.

5. In Pursuit of Tea

This is probably the most expensive site on this list, but I mention it because it offers customizable samplers. It’s $15 plus shipping for half an ounce each of three different teas. If you were planning on picking their $60/oz Dragonwell, bear in mind that not every tea is available in this size—the selection is decent, but not exhaustive.

Orders over $110 ship free.

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6. Verdant Teas

Some of Verdant Teas‘ offerings can be a little on the costly side, but overall you get pretty good value for your money. Their 5 for 5 deal is a great way to introduce yourself to premium teas, and all other tea orders include a free sample of your choice. They periodically offer coupons, free shipping, and discounts, so keep an eye out.

Orders over $50 ship free.

Visit their collection.