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7 Beautiful Tearooms In The City of London, England

London and tea culture & history go hand in hand. We often imagine sitting in an old, historic tearoom in London as the afternoon passes us by, but some of London’s greatest places to enjoy a cup of tea aren’t just the spots of yesteryear, but the places that are mixing tradition with a more modern type of elegance. Beautiful is in the eye of the beholder, so many of these tearooms in London made it onto this list for cmopletly different reasons.

Some of these spots are modern, hip bakeries, others are vintage places to enjoy High Tea that look like they’re right out of Downton Abbey.

If you’re ever in London, each and everyone one of these places are worth visiting, regardless of where they show up on the list. It was very tough to rank them, and not a single one of these incredible tearooms will disappoint.

10. The Foyer and Reading Room

A beautiful place for afternoon tea, certainly. From fancy desserts, finger sandwiches, elegant decor, and a variety of delicious drinks – both hot and cold – there’s something for everyone here.

This stunning tearoom is located inside of Claridge’s, a five-star hotel in Mayfair. If it’s tradition and elegance that you’re after, this is a great place  to stop by.

9. Lanka

This little French-style patisserie serves cakes and teas with a Japanese twist. If you’re looking for something a little more casual than a Royal-style tearoom, this little spot may fit the bill. They’ve only got three tables, so don’t be late. Their desserts look absolutely delicious, and taste even better.

Fans of this place are hesitant to tell too many people about it, in fear that they favorite desserts will sell out… but when you find out about a great spot, it’s your duty to tell the world!

Candella Tea Room

Candella is a really cute little tearoom  that you’ve just got to check out if you’re ever in the area. The style of decor is like that of an old tea room, quaint, comfortable, and not unnecessarily-fancy just for the sake of such.

Their Russian caravan tea is a popular choice to share with your pals, and there are lots of cool little knick-knacks and decorations to enjoy. It’s not pretentious at all, it’s warm and friendly and inviting.

The Rose Lounge

Located in Sofitel St James, The Rose Lounge is a delight. This British-style tearoom has a delicious assortment of teas and treats, including fresh-baked goods that will have your mouth watering the second they land on the table.

They offer a very satisfying high afternoon tea experience, often cited as having a very warm and welcoming ambiance. Mix that in with the decadent tastes they serve, and what’s not to love?

Orange Pekoe

Their minimalist style and design is a refreshing change from some of the over-the-top elegance that you’ll encounter on your London tearoom tour travels. Their kettles are plentiful, their plates are overflowing, and the atmosphere is always friendly.

Guests have commented that the owners show a true passion for tea and coffee, and it really shows. One guest on Yelp described it perfectly: “It truly is the kind of place where children frolic in gingham and adorable fresh scones are pulled straight out of the oven – sweet, fluffy and crumbling just at the moment one reaches for the second milky sip of assam.” – Jill R. 

The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room is beautiful in it’s own unique way. A little rough around the edges, but with so much charm and personality. It’s like if you and your mates got together and decided to just have a blast while running a business. But don’t let the quirky atmosphere fool you, they take the quality of their fare very seriously.

If you’re not lucky enough to live in the neighborhood to visit this spot on a regular basis, it’s worth making the trip to try it out.

Teanamu Chaya Teahouse

This Chinese-style teahouse is said to have one of the best high teas in all of London, and that’s high praise! Their portions aren’t huge, but every bite is so packed with flavor that you’ll be completly satisfied.

It’s very welcoming place, and if you aren’t familiar with various tea rituals and how to prepare things – don’t feel intimidated, just ask for help, they’re very friendly here.

This list is an on-going work-in-progress, so if we left out a place that you think is beautiful and deserves to be explored by other tea lovers, just leave a comment and we’ll check it out!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.