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Monterey Bay Spice Company offers Bulk Organic Tea

Established in 1997 and located in Watsonville, CA., Monterey Bay Spice Company offers over 400 products, which include bulk herbs and spices, teas, seasonings, essential oils, potpourri and herbal supplies.

Their competitive pricing is due to sourcing materials directly from growers and producers, which are then processed and packaged in their own facilities, while maintaining strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices.

They are one of the few companies who mill, sift and blend their own ingredients.

Monterey Bay Spice Company Products

Sourcing their ingredients directly from farmers and growers means that freshness is guaranteed and many of their products are bought by food or nutraceutical manufacturers as well as restaurants and caterers.

With many organic products available, they have secured accreditation as a Certified Organic Producer. Their organic products are thoroughly traceable, using lot numbers that can be followed all the way back to the growers, who also have the same organic accreditation.

Along with bulk herbs and spices, this company has been delivering premium teas for over fifteen years. Their black, green and herbal teas are milled, sifted and blended like their herbs and spices.

Any impurities are removed using stringent quality control in their material handling practices. All herbal powders and half of their bulk teas and herbs are packed in re-closeable, zip-lock foil bags.

Larger quantities are packed in FDA approved, clear poly-sealed bags, which are plainly labeled with the common botanical name, Latin name and information pertaining to tracking and shipping. This ensures full traceability.


  • Kosher Certification by EarthKosher.
  • Good Manufacturing Practices Certification by Silliker Labs.

Monterey Bay Spice Company’s products are free from irradiation and they are also Fair Trade Certified. While many of their products are gluten-free, their facility is not certified gluten-free.

Monterey Bay Spice Company Teas

This company also offers accessories and items such as spice racks, tea bags and glassware.

Black Currant Tea

Find it here:

With the strength of Orange Pekoe black tea and the flavors of black currants and leaves, this fruity and naturally sweet beverage is rich in iron and potassium. A dark golden color and a robust taste makes it the perfect cup for breakfast and it’s also Kosher certified.

Herbal Chocolate Chai Tea

Find it here:

Spicy, sweet and tangy with ginger and citrus notes brought on by cardamom, this decadent Chocolate chai is rich and warm.

Rooibos tea is blended with zesty spices and smooth, dark chocolate to create a delicious dessert tea that is caffeine-free and perfect whenever you need a boost.

Oolong Tea

Find it here:

Oolong means “Black Dragon” and this tea gets its flavor from the oxidation process between green and black teas. Formosa oolong tea is sourced from Taiwan and then blended to create a balanced flavor between robust black and delicate green tea.

Kosher Certified, this tea has complexity and sweetness, making it a pleasure to drink.

Along with glassware and tea accessories, the Monterey Bay Spice Company has “Press ‘n Brew” DIY tea bags, so you can choose between a pot of loose leaf or a cup of tea and can create your own blends when buying the herbs and spices in bulk.

Their move to Watsonville, Ca., gave them the opportunity to purchase a larger warehouse, which has been painted by Arturo Thomae. A local mural artist who includes local lore in his artwork, he has created many murals on panels around the building, each depicting a different story.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.