Mixing Coconut Oil in Coffee Without Blender (The EASY Way!)

Want to try out that whole “Bulletproof” thing, and mix oil, butter, or some other type of fat into your coffee? If you try doing it with a regular spoon, the same way you’d mix in sugar or milk, you’re not going to get the correct experience.

Many people use blenders, because it seems to break down the oil in a sense, and allow it to really mix properly with the water. Using just a spoon, the oil and water will stay separate from each other. The problem with a blender is that it can be REALLY MESSY, and it’s a whole other thing to clean up.

There are two different options to mix coconut oil (MCT oil) and coffee together without using a blender, one of them is a handy little tool that starts at around $5, the other one is a little fancier. Both of these tools are versatile and can be used for a number of different things.

WARNING About Using Blenders to Mix Oil/Butter/Coconut Oil and Coffee

The first time I tried to do this, I ended up with coffee spilled all around the entire kitchen. I’m talking floors, walls, even some splashes on the ceiling. What happened? I brewed my coffee, I added it to the blender, I added some butter and coconut oil, put the lid on, turned it on, and it basically exploded all over the kitchen.

The heat from the coffee needs an escape, otherwise steam quickly builds up, causing the lid to shoot off and coffee to fly everywhere. Many blenders will have a little hole you can open up on the top of the lid, that should be enough to relieve the pressure, but just make sure the hole isn’t big enough or in a place where hot coffee will go shooting out from it, either.

Noticing a trend about using blenders for making bulletproof coffee? Yeah, hot liquids tend to shoot all over the place.

Also, some people aren’t super keen on putting hot coffee into a plastic container.

Well, you can easily make bulletproof coffee right in your coffee cup, without a blender!

The trick is a little hand mixing tool, like the one used in this video:

In the above video, grass fed butter and MCT oil (coconut oil) are mixed together with coffee, no problemo, no blender!

If you want to smash up that oil even more, and get an ever better mix, you can also use a handheld immersion blender. The only differences between that and the handheld one is that the immersion one is much more powerful and will do a better job, but it’s an extra step having to plug it in and then wrap up the cord and put it away afterwards, also it takes a bit longer to clean/rinse.

So, however you decide to mix coconut oil with coffee without a blender, it really just comes down to what matters more: Being a bit easier to clean, doing a slightly better job, and needing to be plugged into the wall vs cordless, quicker, easier, but not as powerful.

Written by Tea Perspective