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Mighty Leaf Tea Celebrates and encourages Inner Strength

Located in San Rafael, CA., Mighty Leaf Tea believes that the magic and power of their whole leaf tea guides them to assist everyone their products touch, to realize their inner strength.

They advise that nourishing the mind and soul with an empowering blend of quality tea supports and summons the inner strength in all of us.

This tea company’s whole leaf tea has a nuanced flavor, no matter the blend or type, so their mission to help people from all walks of life is supported by a love of naturally delicious tea that is satisfying and memorable.

The Journey of Mighty Leaf Tea

Born out of a passion for whole leaf tea, this tea company was founded by Gary Shinner and Jill Portman in the mid-90’s, when they shared a pot of Chinese Oolong while having a break from shopping for engagement rings.

Several years later, they made the jump from the corporate world to open a tea house and share their passion for tea with others. Packing up their lives in Chicago in 1996, they moved to San Francisco and established ‘Tea and Company,’ which was the first of its kind in that city.

Rebounding from a Crash: A Mighty Comeback

After the dot-com crash in 2000, Jill and Gary closed their shop but their passion for tea was as strong as ever and their wholesale customers were keen to follow.

Knowing that they could share their love for whole leaf tea with a wider audience, they started to supply high-end restaurants and hotels with Mighty Leaf Tea’s signature and proprietary, hand-stitched pouches.

Ten years later, Jill and Gary had built an impressive clientele list including luxury cruise lines, 5 star hotels and Michelin starred restaurants.

Finally, in 2014, the growing business was sold to new owners, one of which was Peet’s Coffee and Tea. Due to their commitment to quality, this tea company chose to join the coffee family, which had begun as a small shop in the Bay Area, offering hand-crafted tea and coffee blends.

Tea Master Eliot Jordan now leads the team, with over 30 years of experience in sourcing high-quality whole leaf teas from all over the world. Eliot carries the flame that was lit by Jill and Gary, with a passion to craft artisan, whole leaf blends from only the best ingredients.

Social Responsibility

It’s the belief of Mighty Leaf that their responsibilities include giving back to those around them, by affording both local and global communities the opportunity to build up inner strength and release the ‘mighty inside.’

One way of doing this is through PRIDE Industries, which contributes to the employment of people with disabilities. Mighty Leaf are proud to work with this organization, who employ over 3,300 people, giving them opportunities to lead productive, independent lives.

Another organization this tea company works with is a global non-profit called ‘She’s the First’, which provides mentorship, scholarship and empowerment to girls in developing countries.

Even though 70% of tea garden workers are female, hardly any of them rise to supervisor-level at tea estates. Mighty Leaf’s support helps towards girls being the first in their families to graduate from high school and continue on to higher education.

Every year, this tea company sponsors 10 She’s the First’s scholars, giving them access to tuition, textbooks and the support they need in and out of the classroom.

Mighty Leaf Teas

With a premium line of quality teas, featuring 12 organic whole leaf teas sourced from renowned tea regions, Mighty Leaf offers black, green and herbal teas along with exotic blends that won several awards at the 2017 World Tea Championships.

Another line is an assortment of Wellness teas, developed in conjunction with Susan Blanc – an expert herbalist who assists in creating great tasting blends with traditional benefits. Their teas famously come in artisan, hand-stitched pouches.

Ginger Twist

A harmonious blend of tropical fruits, lemongrass and mint with a hint of ginger and ginseng makes this tea a magical infusion that is delicious, lush and helpful to calm the nerves. The silken pouches this decadent tea is packaged in, are this tea company’s twist on the traditional tea bag.

Vanilla Bean

Imagine a cup of tea that has the power to conjure images of hiking the tropics.

A deep blend of Ceylon and China black tea with sumptuous, wild vanilla beans provides a full-bodied, fruity cup that makes a satisfying impression. Enjoy with or without milk and allow yourself to be carried away to exotic places as you sip your way to paradise. It doesn’t take too many sips for folks to consider Mighty Leaf one of the best tea brands.

Organic Breakfast

This best-selling tea is a robust blend of premium black tea leaves sourced from Southern India and Assam, that has a rich, hearty finish. Briskly aromatic with or without milk, this organic Breakfast tea can also be enjoyed with honey to sweeten the deal.

Whether you’re at home and comfortable with a warm cup, or filling up your tea infuser bottle and taking it with you on the go, all of these teas are worth trying out!

This tea company is more than an artisan tea purveyor, with an impressive level of compassion for local and global communities as well as a deep passion for offering high-quality, whole leaf teas.

Along with tea gifts, samplers, iced tea and teaware, there’s something for every tea lover at Mighty Leaf Tea.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.