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Meet The $1300 Robot That Wants To Make Tea For You

The act of making tea can be a ritual. Do you boil water in a stovetop kettle, waiting for its whistle to signify the start of tea time? Or do you use a quick and easy instant coffee and tea maker to pump out single cups every few hours? Whatever your method or machine of choice, there are always new technologies and tricks to try — and now, an incredibly pricey tea maker has come onto the market.

As the San Francisco Gate reports, a new $1,300 tea maker is making waves among tea lovers. Forget simple tea making, with water and tea bags; this machine is meant to create the absolute best cup of tea its users have ever tasted. But, is it worth its hefty price tag? Writers at the San Francisco Gate tried out this incredibly expensive machine.

Named Teforia, the machine boasts new technology and a special infusion system. Created by Allen Han, who argues that Teforia makes the best cup of tea possible, it uses a SIP, or Selective Infusion Process, to extract as much flavor as possible from every tea brew. It works in a manner similar to the Nespresso and Keurig machines coffee drinkers know and love, blending tea herbs and leaves with hot water. The SF Gate staff ran a taste test that compared an average cup of tea with a Teforia one. To run the machine, they selected a pod of tea — but that’s not where the process ended.

Teforia syncs with a smartphone app designed to help its users build their best cup. The app offers suggestions, such as caffeine levels and antioxidant inclusions, and stores your preferences so you never forget how to brew your favorites. From there, the machine takes over. It’s created to automatically know the ideal brewing temperature, infusion time, and amount of water for every single variety of tea. The leaves of your chosen brew are poured into a glass compartment, and water is sent in to begin the infusion process. After about three to four minutes, the tea is ready.

During the taste test, the standard tea brew also took the same amount of time. So, what was the verdict? The SF Gate writers were won over by the Teforia machine, claiming it made their tea taste darker, stronger, and smoother. Though they enjoyed the brew greatly, they acknowledged that the Teforia isn’t for everyone. Would you spend $1,300 to get a better cup of tea in the morning? Or, is the stove good enough for you?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.