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Lupicia Tea Offers Seasonal Sampling for Tea Lovers

Lupicia Tea has its U.S. headquarters at Hayward, CA. and also operates in Australia, France, Japan and Taiwan.

Offering over 400 kinds of fresh tea throughout the year, from seasonal teas to original blends, this company sources their ingredients from well-known tea-producing plantations, regions and countries.

The Various Factors of Tea according to Lupicia Tea

Whether it’s the quality, taste, aroma or character of any particular tea that interests this company, there are several factors taken into consideration when making an informed selection, which in combination provides a well-rounded idea of the tea’s distinctive and individual flavor profiles.

Such as:

The tea plant species.

The country and region where the tea plant is grown.

The plantation’s soil conditions.

The climates and environmental conditions.

The methods of production and processing.

This starts with determining the quality of the teas, which is maintained by their commitment to carefully controlling their selection and production processes before selling their teas in their stores.

Lupicia Tea uses their own buyers who check the quality of the tea at the source, before importing them. When the botanicals are received at their production plant, they are cleaned and packed on the same day.

The tea is then packaged in 50g nitrogen-filled bags to ensure freshness. This tea company’s skillful blenders take time and care to craft new blends of teas, which is how they create a variety of original products that taste great.

If you get the opportunity to visit one of their tea sampling counters, you’ll be able to taste any products you like before making a purchase.

Lupicia Tea Classification

All Lupicia Teas are classified with colors, labels, tin seals and symbols.

  • Seasonal and Limited – These are teas that are available seasonally or in limited quantities.
  • Plantation Specified – Showing specific plantations and regions.
  • Original Blend – Standard tea leaves blended from one or more regions or plantations.
  • Flavored Tea – Infusions made from fruits, flowers and other flavors and botanicals.
  • Wellness Tea – Such as Chamomile, Honeybush or Rooibos chosen for their healthy benefits.

Also on offer: Herbal Tea, Black, Oolong and Green teas that are handpicked.

Lupicia Teas

Momoko Loose Leaf Tea

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

Lupicia Tea advises that this tea captures the nature of a graceful Japanese beauty.

Luscious peach is blended with vanilla and a fresh green tea base to create a delicate, sweet beverage that is accented with floral notes. Considered to be exceptional without added sweeteners, you can enjoy it hot or iced.

Piccolo Flavored Rooibos Loose Leaf Tea

3 Reviews
  • Rooibos tea scented with honey and sweet...
  • cultivate a new tea culture
  • discovery of delicious and unique teas

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

With zero caffeine and scented with honey and sweet berries, this unique Rooibos tea is a celebration of a healthy lifestyle, due to the energizing and aromatic botanicals.

Delicious enough on its own, you can add honey and/or lemon to take it up a notch or try it cold on a warm day for a soothing and refreshing drink.

Assam Calcutta Auction Tea

The golden tips of the new buds make this a luxurious blend of Assam tea leaves, with a sweet aroma and a full-bodied flavor. Using the CTC method (crush, tear and curl) makes this tea rich and satisfying to the last drop.

Enjoy it with or without milk or sweeteners and try it iced in warmer weather for a refreshing twist.

Lupicia Tea offers the usual suspects when it comes to tea accessories, gift sets and strainers, but you might also want to check out their gourmet and artisan sweets, preserves and cookies.

They have a nice variety of tea pots and tea trays, for the occasions where you want to make serving tea an art form.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.