Lone Star Botanicals: The Power of Plants [Their 3 Best Teas]

A Texas-based company in Bullard, Lone Star Botanicals has a straight-forward, simple approach to providing high-quality teas and herbs, as evidenced by their no-nonsense website.

Ethically sourcing their high-grade herbs, spices and teas through their global connections, this tea company makes sure that the products they deliver are organic and natural.

Lone Star Botanicals are Passionate about Natural Health

There’s quite a heavy focus on the medicinal properties of herbs and teas when you browse this herb and tea company’s website, but it’s important to remember that you must consult with your doctor before taking any kind of medicine, whether man-made or natural.

Lone Star Botanicals advise that they are passionate about natural health and the healing qualities of the ingredients in their teas and other products. They state that their mission is to inspire others to live a more holistic lifestyle through the power of plants.

They have a section called ‘Apothecary’ on their site, with salves and masks for sale, and this herb and tea company enjoys experimenting and creating new products and herbal blends.

With a love of nature, Lone Star Botanicals continues to evolve by incorporating their passion for healthy products and hope to inspire others to do the same.

Lone Star Botanicals’ Tea

Black Ceylon Tea


Sourced from Sri Lanka, Ceylon tea contains caffeine and is created by using young tea leaves which have been partially fermented. Enjoy this straight-forward, refreshing tea that has mild, citrus notes and a smooth taste that makes it perfect for afternoon tea.

Goddess Loose Leaf Tea Blend

  • 100% Organic
  • Balances the Female System
  • Harness Feminine Energy

Formulated for women especially, Lone Star Botanicals advise that this blended tea will help harness feminine energy, with ingredients such as red raspberry leaf, anise, ginger and fennel.

All the ingredients in this delicious tea are organic, making it a healthy, natural tea that is delightfully fresh and full of flavor.

Green Sencha Leaf Tea


Hand-picked from the mountaintops of Japan when the leaves are young and tender, Sencha leaf tea is then immediately steamed to retain flavor and color. Lone Star Botanicals state that this tea is a good source of Vitamin C and that it also contains caffeine, but here are some teas that don’t have any caffeine.

Robust and tasty with an almost sweet, grassy flavor, this is a naturally elegant green tea.

At first glance, this herb and tea company seems unassuming and precise, with a heavy focus on the health-giving properties of their products and offerings such as tinctures, bulk herbs and spices.

Take a deeper look and discover the hidden delights of Lone Star Botanicals, where tea ranges from simple to exotic.

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