Tea Journals: It’s a Warm Comforting Hug in a Cup

Sometimes, especially after a particularly nice cup, it can be very enjoying to write about tea and share your thoughts, knowing that other tea lovers out there are going to read them.

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When my boyfriend brought home a few bags of this “awesome tea someone brought to work” and he said the word licorice I distinctly remember making retching noises.

I hate licorice, the black slimy herby taste just inspires “ick”.

image via world seed supply

I was determined once he brewed this that there was no way I’d do anything more than politely sip and taste, and instead I stole his cup.

Yogi is one of my favourite brands of tea, I like that they don’t have a lot of additives, though there are still some in it. They’re really sneaky though since it’s simply put under “natural and organic flavourings” – if you know anything about castoreum then you stopped trusting that statement years ago! This is actually my “go to” tea bag, and I always have a few in my purse.

I’ve had a bag of this split before so I’ve seen what’s inside and you can actually see the pieces of orange peel and cardamom seeds. I’m always wary about bagged teas since you can’t see what’s in it but I was pleasantly surprised about seeing actual stuff inside the bag.

The steeping time is a bit personal choice. The box says 5-10 minutes which for me is too long, especially because I want my cup now. I find 3 minutes is more than enough to give me a good strong flavour for this Egyptian Licorice tea by Yogi Tea.

Probably the first thing you will notice when you steep is the smell. It’s so sweet it’s almost cloying; it’s hard to put a name to other than simply sweet since it’s not spicy and it’s not fruity either.  As soon as the bag hits the water you can see the infusion actually swirling out but to me that’s a downside of having lots of powered ingredients inside the bag.

I guess I’m spoilt with loose leaf but that being the case I’m still surprised by the 5-10 minutes suggested steeping. Weirdly enough the tea is yellow, but I think this is more to do with the fact that there’s no tea in it, just an infusion of spices.

I don’t see much Egyptian about this, and I’ve never had licorice that tasted like this tea. It’s thick and honey like and doesn’t need any sweetener at all. In fact I think it ruins it putting sugar in as the sweetness gets overpowering.

The texture is quite thick and it’s almost like a chai. You could probably easily substitute it if you wanted a sweeter and less spicy blend you mixed yourself. You can really taste all the different ingredients in this if you ponder it. The ginger and pepper are very prominent and the cinnamon is just barely there which is ideal because I think any more and it would be overpowering. I’ve tried this cold and it’s palatable but not ideal.

Usually reaching for a cup of this makes all right in the world for me. It’s a warm comforting hug in a cup and even if it’s summer I still enjoy it. This is a really warm blend and it’s easy to feel cosy and relaxed drinking it.

The ginger is also nice for digestion so its quite an any time bag if you want after dinner or morning cup, though I think that Yogi might be trying to push the selling with a suggested 6 cups a day (with only 16 in the box to start with). Not that you couldn’t but I’d get very tired of this if I tried having nothing but this since it’s quite a unique and stand out blend.