Is A $1500 “Kettle” Really Better Than a $15 Kettle?

Unbox Therapy is an incredibly popular Youtube channel that does reviews and unboxings (A video about opening up a product, seeing what’s included, talking about how it works, etc…) of all sorts of high-tech and interesting things, and recently they took a look at a tea contraption called the Teforia Tea Infuser.

It’s basically a robot from the Jetsons that makes you tea, for all intents and purposes. The idea is that this appliance will steep the perfect cup, and you don’t have to worry about getting the correct temperatures and timings on your own. This will appeal to some, and it will sound like blasphemy to others. If you like to be more hands-on with the tea steeping process, and enjoy the ritual and ceremony of tea, you probabally won’t really like this item at all. None the less, it’s interesting to see tea attempting to merge with modern technology.

Sometimes, it makes a lot of sense and it’s a slam dunk, but when things try to change too much, it doesn’t usually go that well. For example, bringing tea online and having subscription and tea of the month club boxes uses technology to manage the services, to take orders, etc… but doesn’t try to replace the most important parts of the tea experience.

Magic Tea Making Robot vs Kettle

This video compares this automatic tea maker with a plain ‘ol kettle to see which works better, and which produces a better cup of tea.