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Include Your Kids In Tea Time With Children’s Tea Sets

Tea Parties are a quintessential part of childhood.  Children love to dress up and host such events for their family, friends, and even toys.  Naturally, you’ll want to choose a tea set that is both practical and pretty for your child.  This article will briefly discuss various tea sets and the elements that you should consider when choosing a tea set.

Pattern and Decoration

cute-chipped-tea-cupIf you want a traditional Victorian look, a floral pattern or something similarly delicate is the best option.  There are excellent ones available online, but this one is one of the nicest.  It’s made of porcelain so looks and feels like a ‘real’ (aka adult) tea set.   It comes with its own basket too, which adds to the quality of the set, but also makes storage easier.  It’s hard to tell by just a picture, but the set looks sturdy and durable, making it suitable for slightly older children.

Of course, you could choose a theme such as a favourite movie instead.  A set featuring favourite Disney princesses is good for younger children.  The set appears to be made of plastic, though it’s not specified. Since this is obviously geared to younger children it should be made of a non-breakable material.  Disney fans will love the princess theme regardless of the material.

Options for the decorative features are many, and these are only a few suggestions.  Take time to look at the various sets available and you’ll find one that suits your child’s personality.


This was briefly discussed in the above section but merits some consideration.  Tea sets come in many materials, some breakable some not.

Plastic makes a durable, child-friendly option.  They come generally in solid colours such as this and are geared at very young children.  The bright colours will attract their attention and children this age won’t break

Tin, often painted to resemble porcelain is another common material.  Tin cups are light but rust quickly if you are using actual tea (or other liquids).  They could also become too hot to hold depending on the temperatures of your beverage. However, for anyone who only serves imaginary tea or cold drinks, these issues do not matter and tin could be a good solution.

Ceramic or china is best for older kids.  They are real and authentic, but depending on how the thickness of the pieces, they may be breakable.

Also, consider that many tea services for children come with a basket.  It is a good idea to check how durable the baskets are, and what material they are made from.  If the basket is brittle plastic it could break into sharp ends.  Reading customer reviews are a good way to see what people say.


A final consideration is a size, especially for those who host tea parties with real liquids.  The cups should be big enough to hold a decent serving, but small enough for a child to hold easily.  The most common complaint on reviews is that the cups are too small.  Similarly, the baskets, which look large and sturdy on the image are often smaller than they appear and easily breakable (See note above).

So now you know the basics of tea sets, and what to look for when shopping, go ahead and purchase the set that appeals to you most. Your child will enjoy playing host with her new tea set and you will enjoy the opportunity to spend time watching and playing games.  Tea parties, especially the first one, are sure to bring enjoyment to your child’s youth.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.