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How To Make Iced Green Tea This Summer: Sweetened and Unsweetened

We love tea! We love drinking tea, and most of all we love sharing information with other tea lovers so that everyone else can share in our passion for this miracle beverage. 

Tea is especially lovely if you live in a country with long winters, where coming to a lovely cup can really make you feel great.  

But, green tea is not just for colder weather: if you’re in a hotter country, you can make iced green tea, which is every bit as tasty and healthy as the hotter version. These are perfect drinks for the summer and are great for serving to guests as well. 

If you like the idea of making iced green tea with some fresh mint leaves or other refreshing additions, then this is the article for you. 

In the following words, you’ll find some tips, tricks, and of course our recipe that will teach you how to make your own iced green tea.

Choosing The Right Tea

As with any recipe, choosing the right ingredients is essential. There are countless types of green tea to choose from, with many blends available in both loose leaf green tea and green tea bags, not to mention matcha green tea powder as well.

Which one you end up using is really up to you, just make sure you don’t use black tea by mistake! The main difference between using green tea bags or loose-leaf is whether or not you mind clearing up the used leaves afterwards, and whether or not you really love the taste that only whole leaves can bring. 

Sweetened VS Unsweetened Green Tea

Again, this is all about your own personal preferences, so we thought it would be a good idea to feature two recipes for iced green tea: one with added sweetener and another without.

This way, there is something for everybody. Also, it’s important to note that these are just guidelines, and you should feel free to modify these recipes to suit your own tastes. However, you can use fresh mint with both of these, which we strongly recommend!

Unsweetened Iced Green Tea Recipe

Making unsweetened green tea couldn’t be easier and with almost zero prep time. 

What you need: 

  • (4) Green tea bags or about 6 grams of loose leaf green tea.
  • 2L of cold water.
  • Fresh mint as an option.

What to do:

Iced Green Tea

  1. Boil the water and then let it cool for a few moments. 
  2. Place your green tea bags in a pitcher, or if you’re using loose leaf green tea then place the leaves inside an infuser. 
  3. Pour the cold water into the pitcher/container that you’re using to steep the tea.
  4. Allow the fresh tea to steep for about 3-5 minutes in the cold water, then remove it from the pitcher.
  5. Put the pitcher into the fridge and let it cool down, or drop in some ice cubes to speed up the process!
  6. Serve with fresh mint, lemon juice, or lime wedges for some extra taste and the best zest.

Please note we use about twice as much cold water as we would normally use for making tea, but this is generally for people who prefer a weaker iced tea taste. It’s really up to you to choose the potency that you like the best: this is just a guideline!

The Cold-brewing Technique

As well as being able to cold brew coffee, you can also make iced green tea using cold or room temperature water before leaving it in the fridge overnight. Adagio makes handy little packets that work great for this, too.

You don’t need to fresh boil cups of water with a kettle to make iced tea. Using water that isn’t hot means you can leave the tea leaves in the water for longer before they turn bitter, giving you an opportunity to extract different and complex flavors.

Making sweet iced green tea

The recipe above can be used for brewing sweetened iced green tea as well. Once you’ve made your pitcher, you’ll simply need to add a sweetener for taste or fresh lemon slices for extra zing. Remember to use as many cups of water as you see fit, to make sure that your drink ends up perfect for your palette.

There are many types of sweeteners, some of them are more or less fine for you and some are downright bad, so you’ll want to proceed with caution if this is a concern for you. We all know that sugar is bad for us, but the type of sugar you add can help to make things better. For instance, honey is a great choice.

Which green tea should you use?

You can’t really go wrong when it comes to making sweet green tea, but if you’re stuck for brands to try out, here are three that we are happy to recommend:


Different Types Of Sweeteners

There are a lot of different ways that you can sweeten your tea for a fresh taste, from good old fashioned cane sugar to all-natural low-calorie sweeteners, to honey, corn syrup, you name it. However, if you do decide that you want to use sweeteners, we advise that you don’t use artificial ones. That way you can enjoy a perfect drink that not only tastes great but is good for you too.

You’re ready!

It’s easy to make a delicious iced green tea recipe at home, whether you want to pull out the kettle to speed things up or just use cool water instead.

Obviously, you could use other types of tea, too. This works great with herbal teas, or really any type of tea. Try comparing when you make it with hot water then cool it down vs. starting off with hot water from the start! 

Now that you know how to make iced green tea, what are you going to try first? And remember, fresh mint makes it even tastier!

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