How Much Is Too Much Green Tea?

If you’re anything like us, you love green tea. Not only is it arguably one of the more delicious types of tea, but it’s also credited with all sorts of health benefits for its high anti-oxidant content, to help with weight loss, and countless other benefits that we won’t get into here, but that we have certainly discussed at length many times on this site. Is there such a thing as too much green tea?

With most things that are this great, one needs to take moderation into consideration to ensure that you’re not over doing it. But, is that really the case with green tea, or can you just drink as much of it as you would like and be fine? Or is there a limit where it becomes too much green tea?


Too Much Green Tea?

Especially since many people find green tea helps with a lot with weight loss, to deal with cravings and more, they start to wonder if it’s safe to drink a lot of it. One of the concerns is that you will consume too much tanins, however everyone has a different tolerance for this and the amount of tea you’d need to be drinking to really need to worry about it, in most cases, is a VERY significant amount. We’re not talking about a few cups a day, or even a dozen cups for that matter.


What About The Caffeine?

If you’re worried about the caffeine content in green tea and how it may effect you if you drink too much green tea, it’s really a matter of knowing your body and knowing how it reacts to things. Here’s a look at the amount of caffeine in green tea compared to other popular beverages… (Please note the caffeine content can vary by brand and by how it’s processed when it comes to coffee and tea, however it’ll be spot on for things like soda and energy drinks since the companies control the amount very precisely. Use the contents in green tea and coffee just as a guideline, since we’re not going to give the exact contents for each individual brand.)

Green tea – 37 mg from 12 fluid ounces.

Coffee – 160 mg per 12 fluid ounces.

Monster Energy Drink – 120 mg per 12 fluid ounces.

Red Bull – 115 mg per 12 fluid ounces.


So for example, if you know that one cup of coffee is enough to bother you with caffeine levels, you may not want to drink 5 cups of green tea at once, as it will have roughly the same amount of caffeine. However, if you space them out, your body should have time to process the caffeine a little less at once, giving you less of that rush or uneasy feeling, however the case may be. If you’re someone who can drink 8 cups of coffee first thing in the morning, chances are you won’t be able to drink enough green tea to be bothered by the caffeine’s effects.

Using Tea To Cure Coffee Addiction

While we’re on the topic of comparing tea to other drinks, have you ever thought about using tea as a tool to overcome coffee addiction? Take a look at that link to visit our page on the topic of having tea help you to stop drinking so much coffee, if drinking too much coffee is a problem for you or a loved one. We don’t want to have the coffee fanatics up in arms, and we enjoy a good cup of coffee just as much as anyone else, but sometimes when you need a few cups in the morning just to function, it’s time to step back a little bit. Tea can be very helpful for this since you’ll still be able to keep the habit of having your warm beverage, and you can use tea to take in less caffeine than you would with coffee, rather than stopping cold-turkey which can be disastrous for some coffee-addicts.