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The 10 Highest Rated Teas According to RateTea

RateTea is a really nifty website where users can sign up and rate and review their favorite (or less than favorite) teas from all around the world.

They do such a good job compiling everything that we’ve never really focused on ratings and don’t do a lot of reviews of teas here at Tea Perspective, we just haven’t seen the need, RateTea and a number of other excellent sites have it covered.

None the less, we wanted to borrow some of their data to share with our readers, and also to introduce some of you to RateTea because it’s an excellent resource to find out about teas before buying them.

Tea rating criteria

To make it on RateTea’s list of highest rated teas, the tea must have at least 3 reviews. Granted, it’s worth keeping in mind that a tea with 100 reviews that scores 95% is probabally more well-liked overall than a tea with 3 reviews that scores 100%, since the small sample size here means every rating plays a huge role in the overall percentage. Another example would be a tea that has 10 perfect scores, and 1 person that really didn’t like it – it might score around 90% and not make this list. So, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not necessarily perfect data, but at the end of the day – who cares? It’s all about finding new teas to try, and even getting a recommendation from 3-4 people who give a tea a perfect score is enough to make us want to try it, how about you?

Also, RateTea’s list is updated as new reviews are added, but our version here is just a snapshot from when we created this list, so make sure you visit their site to see the latest.

1. Golden Orchid by Whispering Pines

Golden Orchid Tea by the Whispering Pines company is a loose leaf vanilla black tea, that people seem to really adore based on the fact that it sells out, and based on the fact that everyone who has rated it on RateTea so far has given this tea a perfect score.

That’s 100/100, not to shabby, hey?

“The taste starts out rich with notes of cocoa mixing cocoa butter creaminess and rich dark chocolate, this is accompanied by sweet caramelized sugar.” – user monjur via RateTea

Where to get itWhispering Pines

2. Hu-Kwa Tea by the Mark T. Wendell Tea Company

Hu-Kwa By Mark T Wendell

Mark T. Wendell has put together a perfect 100% tea according to RateTea users with his Hu-Kwa offering. This is regarded as the signature tea of a company that has many to offer, and has been in business for over 100 years, getting their start in 1904. They’re based in Massachusetts, and have an interesting history available to read on their website.

“… The high bar for all others. It is superb. Yes, it is smokey – that’s what a LS is, but this has a sweet note to the aroma and that carries through into the tea, which is rich and smooth and mellow.” – user marlena via RateTea

This particular Lapsang Souchong is one of the greats, and is available in loose leaf or bagged varieties, but we naturally recommend the loose leaf option. “We have had the pleasure of supplying discriminating tea drinkers with this delicately smoked Lapsang Souchong tea for over a century,” reads the official website of M.T.W Teas.

Where to get it: Mark T. Wendell

3. Holy Basil Purple Leaf by Upton Tea Imports

Here’s the first of the “perfect 100” teas that we’re going to be looking at today. Each of the teas in the top three has a perfect score of 100 on RateTea, which is nothing to shake a fist at, even if they each only have between 3-5 reviews so far – it’s still a perfect score!

This basil tea in particular has 5 ratings on RateTea at the time of publishing this page, and they’re all 100%. On Steepster, to compare, it has a score of 86/100, based on 7 reviews. Don’t worry too much about the reviews if you’re interested in trying something new, they’ll help you determine if a tea sounds interesting but whether or not it’s “good” really depends on taking that first sip or two and seeing for yourself – and even if you don’t love it after a sip or some – certain teas are an acquired taste.

“For me, this tea has been an acquired taste. Now, however, it is a favorite. Something about it is very calming – now it is my go-to bedtime tea. The tea is sweet and spicy, and just the tiniest bit heavy.” – user Megan E via RateTea

If you’re looking to try something new, this would be a good choice – there are some unique flavors on there, and the smell itself is absolutely incredible by all accounts.

Where to get it: Upton Tea Imports

4. Honey Black Tea by Health & Tea

Rating: 99/100

Where to get it: Health & Tea

5. Keemun Full Leaf Tea by Foojoy

Rating: 99/100

Where to get it: Foojoy

6. Bi Luo Chun Green Tea (Pi Lo Chun) by TeaVivre

Rating: 99/100

Where to get it: TeaVivre

7. Wild Snow Sprout Tea by Wild Tea Qi

Rating: 99/100

Where to get it: Wild Tea Qi

8. Dong Ding Oolong by Tradition

Rating: 99/100

Where to get it: Amazon

9. Assam TGFOP Black Tea by Arbor Teas

Rating: 99/100

Where to get it: Arbor Teas

10. Greenfield Estate Ceylon Black Tea by Arbor Teas

Rating: 99/100
Where to get it: Arbor Teas

How many of these teas have you tried before, if any? If you end up trying some of them for the first time, make sure you you let us know what you thought and what it was that made you want to give that tea a try. Also, head over to RateTea to leave your thoughts there as well!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.