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How Effective Is Green Tea For Acne Treatment?

Last Updated: August 30th, 2018

There are many health benefits to drinking the best green tea, as well as many other types of tea, too.

With renowned antioxidant properties that are present within it, green tea is an excellent healthy addition to a well-rounded healthy lifestyle.

Nowadays, amidst the many other uses for green tea, we’re seeing it used more and more in cosmetics, for example acme treatments and other types of skin care.

We’re going to be looking at whether or not there’s any value behind a green tea acne treatment.

Although proof of some benefits is inconclusive, there is one area where there is strong evidence that green tea is effective, that of acne treatment and other skin benefits.

Green tea does contain antioxidants, notably EGCG, which block the production of chemicals which cause acne. Although drinking green tea for acne treatment does work, it is said to be more beneficial if you use a cream or lotion which has the crucial extract of green tea in its effective ingredients.

EGCG works by blocking the production of sebum which causes acne and other skin problems. Even though production of sebum is hormonal and is also linked to genetics, green tea does help to lower the amount of sebum produced. In tests of green tea extract lotion it was shown to be effective after an 8 week period of regular use.

How effective is green tea for acne treatment?

It depends on different factors, exactly what your skin conditions are, which products you’re using, so it’s difficult to say exactly how effective something will be… e

Especially since everyone has different bodies and different skin, so if you’re curious about trying green tea to treat acne, why not look into it a little bit more, pick up a product over-the-counter or even speak to your dermatologist?

As many people who suffer from acne can attest to, not everything out there is going to work for you – but it’s worth a shot, right?

Even if you don’t wish to use lotions or creams, regular drinking of green tea as part of a healthy lifestyle that may also show signs of improving your skin and complexion.

As with everything, not every one is going to experience the same results but hey, we’re always open for another excuse to have a cup of green tea!

Here’s what BioClarity has to say on the topic: “There are many foods and beverages that get a bad rap when it comes to breakouts. Can eating chocolate cause acne? The jury is still out on that one. Are alcohol and acne related? It turns out too many drinks can result in blemishes. However, there are plenty of foods and supplements that play a positive role in the incidence of breakouts, including green tea.” (source)

Whether you use it in an oil form, a facemask or lotion, or just drink it, green tea can help with your breakouts.

Drinking it reduces your sebum production, along with inflammation. It also benefits the immune system at the same time, so when you put all of that together, it’s good news for acne sufferers.

The best part? Tea is pretty cheap, especially when you’re using it externally and don’t need to invest in the finest leaves for drinking.

Compared to how expensive some acne treatments can be, tea is affordable and definitely worth a try – especially if you’ve tried everything else already.

Please try to remember to come back and let us know how it works out for you. We’ve also published 3 great ways to make green tea moisturizer, so make sure you give that a look if you’re thinking of going the DIY route instead.

The benefit of that is that you’ll know exactly what’s in your product, you can keep it 100% organic and natural.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.