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Green Tea Finds Its Way Into The Snack Aisle With Green Tea Kit-Kats

Chocolate should not be tampered with, but the Japanese are well known for doing great things with teas, so making a green tea chocolate bar would be a great idea. Nestle seems to think so, and now available in Japan and in other areas is the matcha Kit Kat bar. Launched in 2010, them matcha Kit Kats are made like regular Kit Kats except the chocolate is flavored with green tea. They are available in Japan, but also in American specialty stores and online.

While Kit Kat is famous for marketing different flavors as a limited edition or a seasonal option, these are a permanent staple. Other flavors such as white chocolate, mint Kit Kats, and dark chocolate flavors have all come and gone, but green tea Kit Kats were launched as a permanent product in Japan. Their presence has not gone unnoticed in the United States, and the popularity of these quasi-healthy candy bars is a unique phenomenon.

Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat Bars

The matcha Kit Kat is a green tea treat over seas, specifically in Japan. It is not the first unusual flavor that Japan has launched: In recent years; they have also launched such flavors as pomegranate, wasabi, and even some soup flavors. The green tea Kit Kat bar is sold in four finger bars, (that’s the standard Kit Kat bar with four wafers) single large finger bars (the Big Kat) and even in packages of mini candy bars, all in  dark green packages with the familiar Kit Kat logo. Can you imagine taking a break with a green tea Kit Kat bar? This popular snack has become an international sensation.

Are They Any Good?

Users seem to think it is an acquired taste and generally fall into two groups: “Awesome!” and “No way.” The awesome group report that the green tea Kit Kats are tasty and should be sold everywhere, not just in specialty shops or over seas. The matcha makes  green tea Kit Kats an almost healthy treat, thanks to the antioxidant power of green tea. The No Way group generally doesn’t like green tea anyway and likely decided to try the confection as a novelty.

Where To Get Matcha Kit Kats?

You can find green tea Kit Kats in the United States, but not in the grocery store. Instead, look for it in Asian markets and Japanese food stores in larger cities; these are the most likely place to find them. However, they are available anywhere, really, because they can be found online on sites like amazon and eBay for a fairly low price. Supplies go very fast, however, so make sure that when you order them online, the website says that they are in stock, because if not, you could be facing a long wait for this unique treat.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.