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Green Tea Aromatherapy Benefits

If you are familiar with Japanese cuisine, then you know what green tea is. In fact, I think it would be a safe bet to say that even if you aren’t a fan of sushi, tempura, or miso soup, you still know what green tea is. It’s not surprising that as a drink, green tea has a ton of benefits for your health.

Did you know that the leaves that are typically dried and packaged for you to steep can also be used for extraction of their essential oils?

Well, they can, and they are.

Today, we are going to look at aromatherapy benefits of green tea essential oil and why adding this scent to your collection is something you might want to consider.

What Are Essential Oils?

Of course, if you are unfamiliar with essential oils and aromatherapy never fear, we are here to explain that for you.

In short, essential oils are the essence of plant matter, in this case, green tea leaves that are extracted, bottled, and used for their many benefits.

There are several companies that offer an essential oils starter pack if this article gets you interested in the practice.

How to Use Essential Oils

They can be inhaled, applied topically, or ingested, depending on the oil.


This means to smell them. You can do this right from the bottle, but you can diffuse them through several methods like a diffuser, a terracotta mold, or even a cotton ball.


For this application, a carrier substance is required. There are several like jojoba, sweet almond, and fractionated coconut oil.

It is important that you dilute any essential oils, including green tea because they are volatile compounds and can be irritating to the skin.

You should also do a spot check on your skin before applying to large areas.


There are some oils that can be consumed internally and others that should not be.

We can’t list them all here, but when it comes to green tea oil, we suggest you consult a healthcare professional because it can interfere with medications, particularly blood thinners.


Pregnant and nursing women should avoid using this oil. Keep out of the reach of children.

Benefits of Green Tea Oil

Okay, after all that let’s get into it. Here are your benefits of green tea oil.

Stop Losing Hair

There is no denying that people like keeping their hair. The immense number of products, medications, and solutions sold for this very reason are proof of its importance. When you use a little green tea oil that’s diluted in sweet almond oil and rub it on your head, you might be surprised how much better your hair looks.

The reason why this works so well is due to the anti-inflammatory properties found on the oil, which in turn promotes a healthy scalp. When your base is healthy, then your hair can grow. Also, applying it topically is a great way to reach the hair follicles quicker.

Tighten Skin for a Softer Look

Firm skin goes along with luxurious hair. They are the sign of youth, which is something we are all searching for.

When it comes to our skin, green tea helps firm up your epidermis because it contains anti-aging compounds. It also works as an antioxidant, which can help eliminate free radicals.

If you start to apply green teal oil to your face, then it is very important to dilute it well in a carrier substance as we mentioned earlier.

Also, be sure to do the spot check as well. Once you have the correct formula, this would work well as a nightly ritual for the prevention of wrinkles.

Battles Acne

When it comes to facial blemishes, green tea oil can help. Pimples are small irritations on the body that get infected and can even fill up with puss.

There are all kinds of reasons why we break out and acne isn’t an ageist. It can happen at any stage in life.

We are constantly looking for remedies for this problem, and with green tea essential oil, you may have found it. Just dilute it well and apply it to your break out areas.

The anti-inflammatory compounds should do some good.

Eases Puffy Eyes

The fact is, when we look good, we feel good. However, the dark circles and puffy patches can be an indication of something more going on.

Maybe you aren’t getting enough sleep and are pushing yourself too hard.

Whatever the reason may be, you have puffy eyes and you want them gone.

Applying a little of your diluted green teal oil on the area, while avoiding getting any in your eyes, could be another night treatment that results in a positive result.

Since you’ll be applying it to fight wrinkles, then it might be worth a try.


Tea and pairing things with tea are our passion. So, we wanted to bring this extension of tea to you.

When you think about it, sitting while holding a steaming cup of tea, don’t you feel the need to breathe it in before you take that first sip?

I do, and it seems that all along I’ve been practicing aromatherapy. Are you ready to take the next step?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.