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Golden Moon Tea: Clean Living and Pure Tea

Golden Moon Tea is located at Chantilly, VA and was established in 1994 by owner Marcus Stout, who had traveled to Hong Kong with his mother at the age of ten.

Discovering a different culture and exotic foods led to an awakening of the senses, which landed him in culinary school in NYC many years later.

The Evolution of Golden Moon Tea

Marcus was soon bored at culinary school, so it wasn’t until he traveled to Paris and happened upon a café where they served loose leaf tea when he had a revelation. Back home, bagged tea was all he’d been exposed to and the idea of a whole new world of high quality tea switched his focus.

Venturing into the tea industry was a daunting task but he soon got the swing of it, opening Golden Moon Tea in 1994 and offering the best tea he could get his hands on.

As time went by, Marcus decided on a lifestyle change that would send a ripple effect throughout his company in ways he’d never dreamed of.

AWESOME FACT: Golden Moon Tea makes one of the BEST Earl Grey Teas out there…

How Clean Living heralded the beginning of Pure tea

When Marcus started cutting out chemicals and processed foods from his diet, he felt better, looked better and began to lead a happier and healthier life.

Soon realizing that his own tea company was not as pure as his diet, he delved into extensive research over the following year and made a startling discovery.

Learning how the botanicals were grown, stored and flavored began to expose just how many chemicals and hidden toxins his beloved teas contained.

It was then when he decided to take the obvious, painful step to source every ingredient from scratch, which resulted in dumping over 50% of Golden Moon Teas.

After all his hard work and sacrifice, he was finally able to say with confidence that every tea on offer at his company was free from all artificial additives, toxins and chemicals.

How Golden Moon Tea Ensures Purity

  • Using only the largest tea leaves to provide an unparalleled experience
  • Working directly with the best tea growers, big and small
  • Sourcing tea that is free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers
  • Ensuring that their tea is grown without genetic modifications or harmful practices
  • Blending teas with only real and natural ingredients, which also means zero flavor sprays

Take it from Deepak Chopra

Golden Moon Tea also ensures that they offer only loose leaf tea, as teabags are usually plastic coated, which leaches toxins into the tea.

All of the above has led to pure and clean tea which has one famous tea sipper – Deepak Chopra – claim that “Golden Moon Tea has some of the most exquisite teas I have ever tasted.”

Golden Moon Teas

Their purpose states that the tea they provide is “From Farm to Cup and Nothing in Between.”

Knowing that Golden Moon Teas is farmed in natural conditions and not produced in a lab means that each cup is pure and clean, with only natural ingredients.

Being the only company in the U.S. who avoid all pesticides, GMO’s, plastic tea bags and flavor sprays makes their teas 100% pure.

Darjeeling Tea – Organic

174 Reviews
  • CHAMPAGNE OF TEAS - Darjeeling black teas are...
  • BIODYNAMIC FARMING - We source premium...

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

Sourced from the famous 100% biodynamic Makaibari Tea Farm, in a region sometimes called “The Land of the Dancing Mists” – this “Champagne of teas” has depth and character.

With a unique muscatel flavor, this tea is also nutty, fruity and lighter than the usual heaviness of black tea, with a nice, floral finish.

Coconut Pouchong Tea

223 Reviews
  • REAL COCONUT EXTRACT: Use real coconuts and...
  • 1st PLACE WINNER: Won 2006 and 2008 (the only...

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

Pure coconut extract imparts a silky, buttery flavor to the light Pouching tea base.

A 1st place winner in the 2006 and 2008 North American Tea Championship, this light blend is slightly floral, thanks to Pouchong that’s grown in the Fujian Province. A naturally sweet finish makes this a delicious tea to enjoy any time.

Golden Moon Organic Jasmine

  • PREMIUM QUALITY LEAVES - We source only the...
  • CALMING & RELAXING - Our jasmine has low...

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

This is the finest grade Yin Hao Chinese green tea, blended with fresh jasmine flowers that make this cup a sweet and delicate delight, with a crisp tartness that is naturally refreshing.

USDA certified organic and Non-GMO, you’ll appreciate the full jasmine flavor that comes from fresh flowers picked only at night.

Golden Moon Tea has much to offer, along with a website that categorizes their tea by country, caffeine level and flavor.

They have how to guides to ensure the best tea experience and their blog has truly informative articles. They also sell tea-wares made with materials that will not release any chemicals into their pure, delicious teas.

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