Ever Wondered How Tea Is Made? This Interesting 5 Minute Video Explains Tea Production

This is a clip from the Discovery Channel’s show ‘How It’s Made’, and this episode is obviously all about tea!

This isn’t representative of MASSIVE scale tea production, where you’ll likely find a lot less of these tasks done by hand, but this also isn’t a tiny operation either. It gives some good insights.

I think that seeing “how the sausage is made”, or in this case the tea obviously, can really help us to appreciate not only our cup of tea, but the people all around the world that dedicate their lives to working hard and creating that tea in the first place. If it wasn’t for the tireless work and dedication, we might not be able to sit back on the weekend with a big cup of sweet tea, or treat our friends to a decadent cup of Thai style tea, or experience any of the other types of tea from around the world.

It’s easy to be disconnected from the entire process when you can drive to your grocery store and choose from a wall of various teas, but remember that for most of those leaves it’s not just about sunlight, oxidization, and packaging – there’s a lot of TLC in there too!

If you know any other resources that will help enlighten our readers about tea production, please leave a comment so that we can include a link to them in this article. Videos are nice, but it’s impossible to touch upon all of the countless techniques and nuances out there, so for anyone who wants to dig a bit deeper – we’ll be adding some helpful links very soon.

As always, happy steeping.