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Drinking Tea Can Improve Colon Health

There are several things that drinking tea does for the body, and improving your colon health is definitely one of them. Certain teas like green tea have high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powers, which serve to cleanse the body of free radicals that cause cancer and accelerate the proliferation of cells. Other tea mixes simply help remove and flush bad mucus on the inside of the colon that can lead to build up and future long term health issues. Besides these benefits to your colon health, tea often helps the stomach period – whether aiding digestion or forcing it to relax after long troubled days.

Antioxidants are important – they prevent cancer, heal the body and work against outside influences such as poor diet, and toxic properties of our polluted air and treated water. These antioxidants remove heavy metals, yeast, bacteria and viruses through the colon and generally promote over all health while lowering the risk for colon cancer. Colon cancer is difficult to treat and has many side effects on the body that may even seem unrelated. Removal of these free radicals from your body, and especially from colonic cells and functions can help prevent colon, liver and pancreatic cancer.


Green Tea for Colon Health

Specifically in colon health, one of the biggest factors in health problems is the formation of mucoid plaques, which eventually harden in layers over time. This hardened build up can block digestion and cause all sorts of problems, including immune system issues and even skin disorders. The healing properties of tea help remove these mucoid plaques and flush the colon of toxins, thereby boosting health and longevity. Your colon is one of the last stops that your body’s waste makes before it is excreted through the body – it makes sense that you want to keep it healthy.
Drinking tea isn’t just good for your colon health, it’s good for your over all stomach health too. In addition to soothing your stomach with a warm beverage, it has its health benefits. There are different kinds of teas that you could use for different stomach ailments. Adding turmeric to your tea can help with heartburn and ulcers, while ginger is excellent for soothing symptoms of nausea. Using a tea specifically to boost your colon health will ease bloating and gas as well, so the benefits of adding a cup of tea to the diet are immeasurable.

Color Cleansing Tea to Improve Colon Health

Drinking a colon cleansing tea can be used twice a week to help with digestion, although do be careful, as most colon cleansing agents can and will act as a laxative. The benefits of tea in regard to your colon health have been recorded – it does help with bloating and gas, and drinking tea that is specifically for colon cleansing such as rhubarb or raspberry, vulgaris roots and combinations of these can detoxify your body, boost function and ease colon problems like constipation and bloating. It is often that alone that drives people to add colon cleansing tea to their regular regime for colon health and natural living.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.