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DJ Miles Tea is A Family Business Spanning 130 Years

Headquartered at Minehead in the United Kingdom, DJ Miles was established in 1888, offering tea and coffee before the electric kettle, cardboard boxes and tea bags were invented.

With a heritage that spans 130 years, this family owned business strives to share their passion for quality beverages.

The History of DJ Miles

  • Back in 1888, Henry Miles started a venture to create a tea and coffee business, called Henry Miles and Co., without knowing that his humble beginnings would continue to thrive throughout future generations who would possess the same passion for quality beverages.
  • Henry’s blending business was established in Birmingham and over the years he had his shares of ups and downs. In 1941, the Miles Tea factory was bombed and flattened twice during the WWII air raids, but they continued surging forward, such was the British spirit.
  • Henry’s two sons were also working in the family business and in 1951, his Grandson Derek Miles began working in the tea trade in London at Plantation House. He still has memories of wheeling large tea chests through the lanes to the stock exchange.
  • By 1961, Derek moved to the West country and became a Tea inspector at Avonmouth Docks. He soon started buying tea chests and blending tea in his front room and by 1973, Derek and his friend Norman Halls purchased his Grandfather’s business, renaming it “DJ Miles.”
  • Moving the business to Porlock in the West country, they continued creating famous blends until 1996, when they moved production to Minehead.
  • With their tea shop settled in Porlock, selling a wide range of loose tea, tea bags, coffee, hot chocolate and accessories, they had cemented their place in the tea industry.

Into the 2000’s – With A Change of Branding

In 2016, DJ Miles upgraded their Elephant logo, which extended to their whole range of quality products. Derek Miles continues to bring the warmth of the West country to the U.K. and the world, still using the same sipping spoon to taste their wares.

Over the years, the Miles family have produced award winning products, with tasting events and tours of the roastery taking place every month. DJ Miles has outranked the big brands in the market and is a founding member of the Ethical Tea Partnership and members of the Fairtrade Foundation.

With their own skilled tea tasters in Minehead, who have a daily ritual of tasting up to 100 teas before selecting one for their blends, DJ Miles has retained the old school way of producing products for their loyal customers.

They are the only brand in the U.K. to be listed in the top 5 of Best Brands magazine in 2018.

DJ Miles Teas

Although this company is also known for coffee and hot chocolate, their award-winning teas continue to be a favorite in the U.K. and across the pond.

West Country Original Tea

You can find their West Country tea right here!

Perfect for any moment, this delightful blend of Assam and African teas are said to be infused with West Country warmth. This signature blend is made completely in-house, created by Derek Miles to have high Assam content for color and strength, making it a robust cup.

With the addition of high grown Kenyan teas, this tea has a bright flavor that is refreshing and satisfying.

China White Tea Yin Zhen

Here’s their China White Tea for purchase.

This divine China tea is considered one of the finest white teas available, according to DJ Miles. Worth every penny, Yin Zhen is a rare tea crafted from singular buds picked at Springtime before they open. Delicate and subtly sweet, it’s recommended that this tea should be drunk on its own.

Lemon and Mango Tea

Here’s where you can order DJ Miles Lemon and Mango tea.

This infusion of dried mangoes and lemons is refreshing and invigorating, with a bright scent that is lovely first thing in the morning or as a treat any time of the day. Zesty and tropical, this blend can be enjoyed hot or iced.

With a long history of providing fine quality beverages, DJ Miles also sell cookies, tea caddies and pots, samples and collections. Their beverages can be enjoyed at their Boathouse Café which overlooks the River Tone, if ever you’re lucky enough to get a chance to visit.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.