Conscious Apothecary: Razzle Grass Tea Review

Tea Perspective was delighted to receive a sampling of tea’s from Conscious Tea’s, a designer tea shop based out of Missouri. Packaged minimalistically, it clearly lays out the specific ingredients of each tea blend and offers a small description of each blend as well. Clearly a lot of care and thought went into these blends, while the ingredients may seem simple and ordinary, they are blended together in such a way that they transcend their familiar flavor profile.

Conscious Apothecary Razzle Grass Tea

Razzle Grass combines only 3 ingredients, Raspberry leaf, Lemongrass and Peppermint, which already sounds delicious! However when brewed and enjoyed, this tea becomes so much more!

Conscious Apothecary, formerly Conscious Teas’ Razzle Grass

  • First Impressions: We very much enjoyed their quaint and comfy design of their website, packaging and even business card. While the packaging itself left a lot to be wanted, it did the trick and emphasized the importance of the tea itself rather than the way it’s packaged. Each sample came with its own specific card describing what you should expect with each different blend. I expected a simple peppermint dominant herbal tea which did not put me off at all, I rather enjoy simple teas, this wasn’t quite what I was expecting though, and I was pleasantly surprised.
  • Aroma: Much like I expected, this tea has a mild citrus layer accompanied by the cleansing aroma of the peppermint. Perhaps it was the raspberry leaf that brought a new level to this aroma though, smoothing everything out into one sweet, relaxing smell that I was anxious to taste.
  • Flavors: This is where you really get to appreciate the complexities of this simple tea. The ingredients melt together into a smooth, sweet broth. These components were not simply thrown together because they sounded good together, they were expertly crafted and compounded to offer a unique experience all its own. It is the difference between a quick soup stock mix versus the broth that is lovingly cooked up from the freshest most natural ingredients. Simply no comparison!

Additional Information about Razzle Grass

razzle grass

  • Preparation: Steep 2 Teaspoons for about 3-5 minutes and enjoy.
  • Ingredients: Raspberry Leaf, Lemongrass, Peppermint
  • Caffeine Content: None
  • Where To Get It: Purchase this and many other teas at ConsciousApothecary

Closing Thoughts

While I got to enjoy a few different samples from Conscious Teas, Razzle Grass hit a chord with me, the simplicity and complexity melding together was downright amazing! While this tea shop may only have a hand full of blends, they are artisan crafted, and it makes a difference.

A big thank you to Katie for allowing us to try these tea’s out and share our experience with you the reader. Our one regret is only having a couple cups of this magnificent brew! A Razzle Grass order is going to be a necessity, this tea made it into my regular line up, probably my favorite herbal tea aside from the classic Chamomile and Peppermint.