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Apple Cinnamon Tea Recipe: Refreshing, Low Calorie, EASY!

Iced or not, this infused tea recipe made with apple cinnamon tea is a tasty treat. If you want to drink a hot version of it, follow the same instructions below except use more hot water, no cold water, and no ice.

So instead of filling it up halfway with the hot water, you’ll fill up your vessel to the top and you won’t add ice. Also, make sure you take out your tea leaves sooner, or you’ll get a burnt bitter taste in your glass. Apple tea is great because it adds a level of natural sweetness, and you don’t need any extra  sugar at all.

Here’s what you’ll need to make this cinnamon apple tea recipe:

  • Tea: Loose leaf or bagged will both work just fine. If you use loose leaf, you’ll need an infuser, but if you go with tea bags instead – you won’t need an infuser.
  • A glass: Or a pitcher, or a tea kettle, or a jar, or whatever type of container you’d like to use to steep your drink, just make sure it’s decently large!
  • An infuser: One that you can submerge works nicely (like this one), but whatever you have that will fit should be just fine!
  • A knife: This is for cutting your apple.
  • An apple: From a hardworking blue collar gala apple, to the modern-day luxury of a honeycrisp, whatever you’ve got will do just fine.
  • Cinnamon sticks: You could use powder as well.
  • Ice cubes: You know what these are.
  • Cold water: Or just more hot water, if you’d like to enjoy this drink warm.

Start by slicing up the apple, then adding the apple, cinnamon, and boiling water into your jar or pitcher. Add your tea, allow it the appropriate amount of time to steep, add cold water, pour into a glass or mug to serve, and then add some ice cubes, and lemon or lime if you’d like.

It’s a very light, refreshing drink that can also make an interesting base for tea latte if you allow the flavors more time to infuse into the water.

What are some of the apple cinnamon tea benefits?

Cinnamon is widely regarded as a healthy spice, and also one of the more tasty ones. The benefits of cinnamon tea range from having antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and a variety of others which are detailed here with studies of varying conclusiveness to support t hem.

Calories in Apple Cinnamon Tea?

The amount of calories is going to be minuscule, but not zero. Natural sugars in the apple slices will dissolve in the water, but the amount of sugar and calories

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.