Choosing The Right Tea For The Occasion

There are so many different types of teas to enjoy from all around the world, sometimes it can be hard choosing the right one. On this page, we’re going to look at some popular tea-times and go over some of our personal suggestions that you might like to try, as well as explaining why. When it comes to choosing the right tea, there are a few factors that one must consider.

What Goes Into Choosing the Right Tea for the Occasion?


It really comes down to personal preference, so if you have any other ideas please leave a comment below and share your favorite teas for different occasions with us.

Morning Tea Choice – Which tea is best in the AM?

First of all, let’s start in the morning with a breakfast tea. Many people use tea as an alternative to coffee, so a black tea for breakfast makes a great choice due to black tea having a higher caffeine content than other types of tea, generally speaking.

Some varieties of black teas include Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Keemun and Darjeeling.

Bedtime Tea Choice – Which tea is best in the PM?


What about at the end of the day, when you’re getting ready to settle into bed and you want to calm yourself down, relax, and improve your sleep quality, too?

We love herbal teas for night time. While they don’t technically come from the same tea plant as the main types of tea, herbal teas can be made of anything, really. An advantage to most herbal teas before bed is that they don’t have caffeine in them, so they won’t keep you up all night. Green tea before bed is another popular choice, too.

Some popular types of herbal tea are peppermint, cinnamon, dandelion and chamomile.

Snack-Time Teas – Teas to enjoy with food


When it comes to pairing your tea with your food, we like to keep it simple. Basically, we prefer less potent teas to go with food, so that strong flavours won’t clash.

For example, white teas and green teas go great with a lot of foods, desserts, and tea treats. What are your favorite types of teas to pair with food, and what snacks do you find go best with teas? Let us know in the comment section below and we’ll include the best answers up here!

Some mild white teas for snack time are Long Life Eyebrow, White Peony and Silver Needle.

Teas On Their Own

When just having a tea on it’s own, we prefer strongly flavored teas like black teas, pu-erh teas, and some of the Oolong teas with higher oxidation.

Matcha green tea is another great tea to have on it’s own, since it has a very strong, full, and rich flavor, however some people may experience a bit of an upset stomach if they drink matcha tea on an empty stomach, it’s not very common and it’s more prevalent when drinking lower quality matcha teas.

Great teas to enjoy on their own are matcha, pu-erh, and other strong varieties of tea.

Like we said, it all really comes down to your own personal preference. We would love for some of our readers to share their favorites below. What do you considering when choosing the right tea for the occasion?

So what do you think of these suggestions? What would you recommend for people to try? Let us know!