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    Is A $1500 “Kettle” Really Better Than a $15 Kettle?

    Unbox Therapy is an incredibly popular Youtube channel that does reviews and unboxings (A video about opening up a product, seeing what’s included, talking about how it works, etc…) of all sorts of high-tech and interesting things, and recently they took a look at a tea contraption called the┬áTeforia Tea Infuser. It’s basically a robot […] More

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    How To Make Bulletproof Coffee Without a Blender

    Last updated: January 4th, 2017. This video shows exactly how to make bulletproof coffee. I’ve been making this stuff for years, and there are definitely some cons to using a traditional blender, so I found an easier way! My method is quicker, less cleanup, and frankly – without this little shortcut – I don’t think […] More

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    Watch People Reacting To Different Types of Tea From Around the World

    Look at all of the different types of tea they got to sample one after another, who else is a bit jealous? In this video, you’ll see people trying┬ávarious types of tea from all over the world and reacting to them. It’s a fun, quick video… and if you’re looking for some interesting new drinks […] More

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    Silly Video Tells You What Your Tea Says About You

    Just in case you don’t know anything about yourself and you need internet quizzes to tell you who you are, here’s a video to teach you what your favorite tea says about you. Just a warning, this video does have some strong language so you might not want to hit play if the kids are […] More

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    This Clever and Important Video Uses Tea To Explain Consent

      (This is the clean version of the video. You can find another version with F-Bombs here.) This video uses tea to tackle an important and relevant topic in our world today. Sadly, some people still can’t seem to wrap their heads around what consent means so the folks at Blue Seat Studios decided to […] More

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