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Tea Journals: Can You Identify This Tea Based on the Clues?

Once again, here’s our latest submission for our Tea Journals category, where readers can submit their own stories, thoughts, and musings about all-things-tea.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, so if you have any tea stories, opinions of certain varieties of tea, or whatever else is on your mind, let us know!

This one is a bit different than usual…

The person who submitted this didn’t actually mention which tea they’re talking about, and we haven’t been able to get in touch with them, so we figured we may as well make a game out of it!

Reading through the 500 word description of this mystery tea, are you able to identify it? Leave a comment and let us know, we’ll see if we can reach a consensus.  Also: The image above isn’t of the actual tea, it’s just a placeholder, so don’t let that throw you off the trail.

I’ll admit I’m not a fan of very flowery tea. I went with my parents to dinner and ordered a pot of tea, this was the first time I’ve been brought something other than plain green tea. The smell and taste were immediate hits with me, and though you can still get a bit of chemical twang it’s not so obnoxious. I’d never noticed or heard of this brand before, and seeing them spooning it from a bucket made me worry it was a restaurant specific blend so I was pleased when I found it in store. I don’t have this blend a lot, but I have to keep a whole tin of it handy since my best friend swears by it.

The innocuous green box looks like it’s a cheap and basic brand and well, even if that’s the case I’ve found I prefer it to more expensive organic ones. The loose leaves of this are very dark and clean cut. You can really see the ratio of tea to flowers in the blend.  It’s actually very dark even for a green tea, closer to a maté; and there isn’t a lot of itty bits, its full chunks of leaves. The blend itself has some smell initially, but it really comes out once steeped.

The suggested steeping is 3 minutes at 180f and you must be strict about it. If you brew a pot it’s difficult to keep it even, if you pour too soon it’s weak and if you leave it too long it’s bitter. I’m actually ok with the weakness to start with but it’s quite tart and sharp once it starts to get bitter. The color is nice, very very green, and you can immediately smell the jasmine in the blend, even if its just started to steep.

The jasmine is just as marked with the taste, you can’t mistake this for anything else. I’m actually picky about making sure this gets drained quickly because the jasmine becomes too overpowering for me otherwise. It’s a strong blend so I can’t stress enough to pay attention here when steeping, if you’re not sure start weak and take quick tastes, but it turns really quickly so watch out if you even “think” it’s getting bitter. I’ve heard that this works good iced but it’s not for me, I want this blend hot when I do fancy it.

For me this is definitely an afternoon blend, it’s quite invigorating thanks to a hefty dose of caffeine. Just perfect for the 2pm drowsiness after lunch without being as wired as you would get from a yerba maté blend but probably still too much for after dinner unless you’re staying up for a while. The best thing about this tea is that it does have a very clean taste so it’s a good palette cleanser without being too flowery. I feel upbeat with this, it’s soothing without putting me to sleep and it’s nice on the digestion.

Any guesses???

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.