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[ANSWERED] Can Tea Make You Sick? Fat? Give you Heartburn?

Despite the many health benefits that you’ll often see discussed surrounding the topic of tea, there can be some downsides, in certain situations, to drinking too much tea.

For example, if you’re allergic to any of the compounds found in it, it can definitely make you sick.

If you’re drinking teas prepared with lots of sugar and cream, it can certainly contribute to gaining weight. Mint teas, and other types, can also trigger heartburn or acid reflux in some people.

Let’s go over all of this in a bit more detail, because we’ve been asked “Can tea make you sick?”, and a variety of other questions.

Question: Can you get sick from drinking tea?

Answer: Yes, in certain circumstances…

Most people don’t and won’t get sick from drinking tea, however it’s possible. Some people are sensitive to drinking green tea on an empty stomach, or other types of tea too, and it will cause them to throw up.

Also, people who are allergic to caffeine, or tannins, or any other substances found in many types of tea could also find their bodies reacting negatively to drinking tea.

Solution: If you’re sensitive to caffeine, or allergic to regular types of tea like green, black, and so on, you may consider checking out an herbal tea, or tisane, which can be caffeine-free and aren’t even necessairly made from the same plant as regular teas are.

Question: Can tea make you fat?

Answer: Not the tea itself…

We’ve had people ask us “Will tea make me fat?” and we wanted to address this question.

If you’re ordering fancy tea drinks from Starbucks or elsewhere, like matcha green tea lattes, or really any tea drinks with milk, cream, sugar… those ingredients are going to add calories, and carbs, and fat to your diet. Depending on what else you eat, and your activity levels, and how much tea you’re drinking and what is in that tea, it’s entirely possible that the tea drinks could contribute to weight-gain, however it’s not the tea itself – it’s the stuff being added to it.

Solution: Cut back on teas that have added sugar if you’re ordering a drink somewhere, and just be mindful while making tea at home. A splash of milk and a pinch of sugar aren’t going to be huge catalysts, however a venti extra sweet matcha green tea latte with whip every day is definitely going to help tip the scales.

Question: Will tea cause heartburn?

Answer: It can, but that doesn’t mean it will

While there are people who drink certain types of tea for heartburn, keep in mind that there are others asking “Can tea give you heartburn?”, and the answer is yes, it’s possible that it can, but as usual, there’s a little more to the story.

Again, this comes down to your body, and listening to it. Also, you could have a unique sensitivity that others don’t, and it also depends on the types of tea you’re drinking. Certain types, like mint teas, are known to cause acid reflux in people that are more sensitive.

Also, if you’re drinking your tea too hot, that can also cause irritation and issues, so consider giving it more time to cool so you aren’t burning your mouth, or hurting your esophagus.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.