Most Recently Added Tea Brands

  • dryad- tea

    Dryad Tea Invites You to Step into the Mystical Realm

    Located in Aurora, CO and established in 2012, Dryad Tea was created by Rubiee. A tea lover herself, she is also a musician who crafts high quality loose leaf tea inspired by mythology, geekery, music, literary works and anything else that takes her fancy. The Inspiration Behind Dryad Tea Rubiee was initially inspired by a […] More

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  • amoda- tea

    Amoda Tea Curates and Creates Unique Blends

    A tea curator connecting customers to the power of plants, Amoda Tea was created to provide a fun and informative way to introduce tea lovers to the best tasting teas and the independent tea makers who craft them. Located in British Columbia in Canada, this company believes that the best teas are found outside of […] More

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  • red- blossom- tea- company

    Traditional Tea Culture with the Red Blossom Tea Company

    Located in San Francisco, CA and operating for over 30 years, the Red Blossom Tea Company has been in partnership with farmers and craftsmen in Taiwan and China, offering the best teas and tea ware they can find. Always seeking sustainable, artisanal products, their goal is to make traditional tea culture available to everyone. The […] More

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  • miles- tea

    DJ Miles Tea is A Family Business Spanning 130 Years

    Headquartered at Minehead in the United Kingdom, DJ Miles was established in 1888, offering tea and coffee before the electric kettle, cardboard boxes and tea bags were invented. With a heritage that spans 130 years, this family owned business strives to share their passion for quality beverages. The History of DJ Miles Back in 1888, […] More

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  • silk- road- tea

    A Tradition of Rare Offerings with Silk Road Teas

    Located in San Rafael, CA., Silk Road Teas has been in operation since the early 1990’s, established by well-known tea master David Lee Hoffman, who sold the business to Ned and Catherine Heagerty in 2004. The procurement of rare and unusual tea lots is what sets this company apart, with a focus on offering discerning […] More

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  • temple- road- tea

    A World of Oolong with Temple Road Tea

    Located in Taiwan and established in 2014, Temple Road Tea believe in the daily consumption of high quality tea, for mind, body and spirit. Sharing their love of tea and a focus on well being, this company is serious about making tea a way of life. The World of Oolong with Temple Road Tea Taiwan […] More

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  • Blending Local and Global at the California Tea House

    Based in Northridge, CA and established in 2008, the California Tea House invites you to ‘sip into something comfortable.’ This family-owned business started selling tea at local farmer’s markets before branching out and providing their broad selection of tea online. The California Tea House Approach Priding themselves with offering a unique collection of gourmet estate […] More

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  • Capital Teas are Inspiring Lives through the Wonders of Tea

    Founded in 2007, Capital Teas are based in Annapolis, MD and their mission is to educate and inspire lives through the wonders of tea, one cup at a time. With over 200 organic and natural teas and infusions on offer, they have become a leading American tea company. Capital Teas CEO Follows in the steps […] More

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  • I Visited High Garden Tea and Here’s What I Discovered

    The High Garden Woodland Tea House and Sipping Apothecary is located in Nashville, Tennessee. I discovered them while googling for a local foraging group to enhance my herbal studies. Their delightful logo and website is woodsy and folksy – so I just had to go and check them out. The World of High Garden Tea […] More

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  • tea- forte

    Tea Forté: Designer Tea & More

    Located in Concord, MA., Tea Forté was founded in 2003 by Peter Hewitt, an American product designer who wanted to create highly stylized products inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony. They offer what he calls the ultimate tea experience, with luxury products sold at high-end retailers, hotels, restaurants and spas all over the world. In […] More

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  • the- republic- of- tea

    The Republic of Tea offers Citizenship for Tea Lovers

    The Republic of Tea was founded in 1992 and is located in Novato, CA. Canvassing the most prized tea gardens around the world for their finest leaves sparked a tea revolution for this company, with a mission to offer teas for sipping rather than gulping. Focused on enriching people’s lives through premium quality teas, they […] More

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  • teapigs

    Teapigs is a Fun Tea Brand with Serious Intentions

    Originating in the U.K. with an office in Brentford, Teapigs was founded in 2006 by Nick, who calls himself a tea evangelist and Louise, an experienced tea sipper and confessed tea addict who has sampled teas all over the world. Now with an office in Brooklyn, NY., they strive to get people drinking real tea […] More

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  • red- rose- tea

    Red Rose Tea offers a little Gift in every Package

    Founded in 1894 by Theodore Estabrooks and now located in Little Falls, NY. in the U.S., Red Rose Tea operates from a state-of-the-art facility that employs over 80 New York State residents. Ethically sourcing their bush-to-cup tea means ensuring traceability for their loyal customers, which is becoming increasingly important in the world of tea. This […] More

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  • traditional- medicinals- tea

    Traditional Medicinals and the Power of Plants

    Based in Sebastopol, CA., Traditional Medicinals is the leading seller of wellness tea in the U.S. and is a Certified B Corporation and California Certified Green business. Passionate about connecting people with the power of plants, this tea company embraces sustainability, social and environmental activism and ingredient purity. Traditional Medicinals’ Roots This tea company began […] More

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  • kusmi- tea- paris

    Kusmi Tea: Over 150 Years of Luxury

    Kusmi Tea has over 150 years’ experience in providing luxurious blends and is the market leading premium tea brand in France. Headquartered in Paris, this tea company was originally founded in 1867 by Pavel Kousmichoff in St. Petersburg, Russia. Kusmi Tea is now owned by Groupe Orientis. The Fascinating Journey of Kusmi Tea 1800’s – Pavel […] More

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  • chado- the- way- of- tea

    Chado Tea: All About This Brand + 3 of Their Teas You MUST Taste

    Headquartered in Commerce, CA., Chado Tea revolutionized tea drinking in the Los Angeles area by opening several tea rooms and offering over 300 varieties of specialty tea from across the globe. Along with one of the largest selections of exclusive tea accessories, Chado Tea prides themselves as being a tea lovers’ paradise. Chado Tea Origins […] More

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  • alices- tea- cup

    Tea and Whimsy at Alice’s Tea Cup in New York

    For the young or young at heart, Alice’s Tea Cup offers a whimsical experience for tea lovers and those who are entranced by fairy tales. If you’re ever in New York, NY., pay them a visit and enjoy the playful atmosphere at one of their tea houses, where wonderland comes to life. With a mission […] More

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  • teas- etc

    There’s So Much More to Teas Etc

    Teas Etc in the Beginning Teas Etc had its humble beginnings selling tea at Farmers markets, working from a garage and garnering a grassroots following from a loyal customer base. Located in Fernandina Beach, FL., this tea company began its operations in 1998 and through traveling to China in the early days, they forged a […] More

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  • san francisco herb co

    San Francisco Herb Company: From Tea To Rare Botanicals

    Located, of course, in San Francisco, CA, this herb company has been in operation since 1973, when the rise of the fast food industry hit full speed. The San Francisco Herb Company’s simple goal was to inspire people to choose their food, beverages and ingredients wisely and to provide their customers with the highest quality […] More

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  • monterey- bay- spice- company

    Monterey Bay Spice Company offers Bulk Organic Tea

    Established in 1997 and located in Watsonville, CA., Monterey Bay Spice Company offers over 400 products, which include bulk herbs and spices, teas, seasonings, essential oils, potpourri and herbal supplies. Their competitive pricing is due to sourcing materials directly from growers and producers, which are then processed and packaged in their own facilities, while maintaining […] More

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  • Primula Tea: A Blooming Experience for Tea Lovers

    Established in 1991 and located at Boca Raton, FL., Primula Tea has been offering flowering tea balls and accessories which have become a part of their brand heritage over the years. Primula Tea’s Flowering Tea Balls Crafted by artisans in China, each flowering tea ball is created by combining hand-sewn AA grade Green tea with […] More

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  • salada- tea

    Salada Serves Up Tea From the Misty Mountains of China

    A well-known tea brand in Canada and the U.S., with their American headquarters located in Little Falls, NY., Salada employs more than 80 dedicated people who create the various, diverse teas and blends to give their customers new ways to experience tea. The History of Salada Founded in 1892 by Peter C. Larkin, a businessman […] More

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  • fortnum and mason

    Fortnum and Mason is Steeped in Centuries of Tradition

    Fondly referred to as “Fortnum’s” and located in Piccadilly, London, U.K., this company is an upmarket department store with outlets and stockists throughout the world. Established in 1707 by William Fortnum and Hugh Mason, they built their reputation on providing quality food, seeing rapid growth in the Victorian era. Ranging from basic to exotic provisions, […] More

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  • davids- tea

    DavidsTea: How They Made Loose Leaf Tea Popular in Canada

    DavidsTea is the largest Canadian specialty tea boutique in the country and is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Cousins Herschel H. Segal and David Segal founded the company in 2008, offering teas and accessories, opening their first store in Toronto in that year. DavidsTea Timeline 2009 – Opened a second store in Montreal. 2010 – […] More

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  • Barry’s Tea offers Family Tradition with a Future Focus

    Barry’s Tea has its headquarters in Cork, Ireland and was founded in 1901 by James J. Barry. Quality has always been at the heart of this family business since the beginning and in 1934, Anthony Barry was awarded the Empire Cup of tea blending, cementing his expertise in the tea trade. How Barry’s Tea became […] More

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  • zhenas- gypsy- tea

    Zhena’s Gypsy Tea: Putting the Tea in Social Responsibility

    Located in Commerce, CA., Zhena’s Gypsy Tea is a leading purveyor of fair trade and organic certified teas, herbs and spices with a passion for motivating women to change and heal the world. Their mission is to offer delicious, aroma-therapeutic products in waste-free packaging while helping communities around the globe. The Inspirational Tale of Zhena’s […] More

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  • amanzi- tea

    Amanzi Tea Like To Keep The Tea Experience Simple and Accessible

    Amanzi Tea operates in London, UK and was conceived in Zimbabwe, then grown from a small teacart to an online retail business. In Shona, Amanzi means water, apart from being the source of life, it’s the essential element for a perfect cup of tea. The Amanzi Approach Doing tea differently and reshaping the traditional perceptions […] More

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  • Celebration Herbals Are Keeping Their Tea Natural

    An offshoot of their family business (Organic Connections) Celebration Herbals is located in Canada and is operated by two parents, two children and their dedicated assistants. After having been in the organic herb and spice trade as a wholesale distributor for ten years, they decided to branch into tea blends in 1997. With a focus […] More

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  • stash- tea

    Stash Tea is Proud to Offer the Portland Experience

    Located in Portland, OR., Stash Tea laid down their roots in 1972. Back then, they’d never dreamed that their tea would one day be enjoyed all around the world. After decades of offering quality tea, they’ve never lost touch with their small town beginnings and strive to align themselves with the Portland vibe. Ten years ago, […] More

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  • choice-organic-teas-featured

    Choice Organic Teas are The OG’s of Organic Teas

    Choice Organic Teas consider themselves the Original Organic Tea Company and have been crafting organic teas since 1989, with a mission committed to a healthy planet and community. Located in Seattle, WA, they started in 1980, when their parent company Granum Inc. began offering organic macrobiotic ingredients to natural health food stores across America. The Original […] More

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  • yunnan sourcing

    Yunnan Sourcing Offers an Authentic Chinese Tea Experience

    Yunnan Sourcing is based in both Kunming, China and Portland, U.S. and since 2004, this high-end tea company has provided excellent, quality teas, such as Black, Green and Yunnan Pu-erh. They are also devoted to being the most affordable and the best source for small label, brand name and specialty teas from the Yunnan Province […] More

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  • Rishi Tea & How They Built An Empire Out of Camellia Sinensis

    Rishi Tea is an Organic tea and botanicals company, born in 1997 and located in Milwaukee, WI. This tea company was founded by Joshua Kaiser, after realizing that people love tea just as much as they love coffee and wine. Traveling around the globe to find the best organic ingredients, Joshua loves mixing his culinary […] More

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  • lone star botanicals

    Lone Star Botanicals: The Power of Plants [Their 3 Best Teas]

    A Texas-based company in Bullard, Lone Star Botanicals has a straight-forward, simple approach to providing high-quality teas and herbs, as evidenced by their no-nonsense website. Ethically sourcing their high-grade herbs, spices and teas through their global connections, this tea company makes sure that the products they deliver are organic and natural. Lone Star Botanicals are […] More

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  • The Bulk Herb Store: Helping People Through Herbalism

    In operation for over a decade and located in Lobelville, Tn., the Bulk Herb Store offers organic teas, herbs, spices and many other herbal products and supplies online as well as in-store. Shoshanna Easling and her husband James run this company now, since she took over the family business when she was only 18 years […] More

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  • Adagio Teas: From Basement to Gourmet [& Top 3 Flavors!]

    Located in Garfield, NJ., Adiago Teas was started in 1999 when Michael and Ilya Cramer decided to join their mother’s endeavor to bring quality, gourmet tea to their community. Sophie was known in the 1990’s to those close to her for her love of serving tea, bought from Chinese markets locally. As a part-time manicurist, […] More

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  • teavivre

    TeaVivre Travels China To Source Unique Teas For Their Customers

    Established in 2011, TeaVivre is located in Deyang, China and prides itself as a tea company which personally visits each tea garden in order to find botanicals grown under premium and pristine conditions. A Passion for Chinese Tea These sources are included in their product descriptions, to show customers everything they need to know about […] More

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  • presidents choice feature

    President’s Choice Tea Helps Charities and Offers Quality on a Budget

    A Canadian company developed by a creative group of people inspired by food, President’s Choice offers more than quality tea, much like Walmart with their Great Value brand. Loblaws is the store that uses this company for their store brands. In the mid 1980’s, the founders decided to deliver quality products for their customer’s hard-earned […] More

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  • mountain rose herbs

    Mountain Rose Herbs is Dedicated to People, Plants and the Planet

    Founded in 1987 and located in Eugene, OR., Mountain Rose Herbs is a titan in the herbal industry. With a strong focus on sustainable and organic ingredients, this herb and tea company has a core belief that people, plants and planet must come before profits. Fair trade practices, sustainable packaging, high product quality and conservation […] More

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  • pg tips

    PG Tips Continues the Tradition of the Classic British Cuppa

    PG Tips is based in London, U.K., providing the people of Britain (and around the world) delicious tea since the 1930’s. A cup of tea in the U.K. is known as a ‘cuppa’ and this seasoned tea company advises that it’s the nation’s favorite cuppa, delivering a terrific range of teas, from fruit, herbal teas […] More

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  • yogi tea

    Yogi Tea is All About Feeling Good, Being Good, and Doing Good

    Yogi Tea was founded in 1984 and is based in Springfield, OR. When a few Yoga students from Southern California adopted the aromatic spiced tea offered by their Indian teacher, they were inspired to create a grassroots tea company that continues to offer quality and delicious teas, with the guiding principle “Feel Good, Be Good, […] More

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  • bigelow

    Bigelow Tea is Proud to be Supporting the Troops

    Since 1945, Bigelow Tea has been crafting products known and loved throughout the U.S. and around the world. Located in Fairfield, CT and operated by three generations, this tea company began when Ruth Campbell Bigelow created her first cup of Constant Comment in her humble kitchen way back when. The Bigelow family continue to be […] More

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  • Market Spice Tea Retains Their Old World Charm After 100 Years

    Located in Seattle, WA., Market Spice began in 1911 when they were a small spice and tea shop in Seattle’s world-famous, historic Pike Place Market, where their retail store still stands today. Over the years, this company has had a wide variety of teas and spices on offer, which can be purchased pre-packaged or in […] More

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  • Mighty Leaf Tea Celebrates and encourages Inner Strength

    Located in San Rafael, CA., Mighty Leaf Tea believes that the magic and power of their whole leaf tea guides them to assist everyone their products touch, to realize their inner strength. They advise that nourishing the mind and soul with an empowering blend of quality tea supports and summons the inner strength in all […] More

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  • harney and sons

    Harney and Sons Tea is a Family Affair

    From Humble Beginnings Harney and Sons are headquartered at Millerton, NY and started production in 1983, when John Harney was introduced to the world of tea by Stanley Mason, who had spent years in the corporate world of tea in London and New York, finally crafting his own blends. John Harney’s passion for fine teas […] More

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  • Steven Smith Teamaker: Founded by a True Tea Shaman

    The Foundations of Steven Smith Teamaker Steven Smith Teamaker is located in Portland, Oregon and was founded in 2009 by Steven Smith, along with his wife. Steven Smith was considered a natural born teamaker, who originally co-founded another tea company – Stash – and worked as a tea shaman at Tazo. His deep understanding and appreciation […] More

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  • Taylors of Harrogate Brand

    Taylors of Harrogate Are Steeping Tradition with Compassion

    An independent family company located in Harrogate, Yorkshire, UK., specializing in tea and coffee, Taylors of Harrogate is all about strong family values, respect and fairness. A love of creativity and quality drives their focus on creating the best products possible, with utter devotion to the pursuit of extraordinary flavor. Founded in 1886, this tea […] More

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  • teabox

    Teabox Tea is Hand-Picked and Packed at the Source

    The Teabox Story Teabox is located in West Bengal, India and offers a hand-picked selection of fine, fresh teas sourced from India and Nepal. This tea company has a vast selection of single-origin teas from more than 150 tea gardens across Assam, Darjeeling, Kangra, Nepal and Nilgiris. They also offer iced teas, flavored and non-flavored […] More

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  • Upton Tea Imports are Bringing a European Tea Experience to America

    Offering the European Experience Established in 1989 and located in Holliston, MA., Upton Tea Imports’ goal is to provide North America a service that was once only found in Europe. This tea company is proud to boast that their uncompromising quality of their teas and services garner the highest praise from their customers. During their […] More

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  • Newman’s Own Organics Tea: Paul Newman’s Charitable Legacy Lives On

    Headquartered in Westport, CT, Newman’s Own Inc. was founded by the late actor Paul Newman, in 1982. Newman’s Own Organics started in 1993, producing USDA certified organic food and beverages. Newman’s Own products are also sold in Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Under the umbrella of the Newman’s Own Foundation, which is an IRS-recognized […] More

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  • Plum Deluxe Is All About Embracing Life’s Moments

    We’ve been very excited to get to know some of the team members at Plum Deluxe recently. Plum Deluxe is an online tea store but also a lot more. It’s more than just tea, it’s about what tea represents, the relaxation and sitting down to enjoy that moment in time, the relaxation of your own […] More

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  • The Art of Tea brand are all about putting out excellent blends of tea.

    Art of Tea Creates Masterpieces In Your Tea Cup

    Art of Tea is a tea brand based out of Los Angeles, California who say they first “planed their seeds” in the tea world, so to speak, when the founder was studying preventative medicine in 1996. You can fast forward a bit, and at the end of the day, all signs pointed to tea. Here […] More

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  • The Boston Tea Company Is Making Tea American Still

    Founded in 1949, The Boston Tea Company has continued the traditions originating from the historic Boston Tea Party in 1773, being the first company to market flavored teas. This company’s signature blend is the Boston’s Mint-In-Tea. This company has a notable role in the foundations of American tea culture. The Foundations of the Boston Tea […] More

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  • Teakruthi Is One Of Our Favorite New Tea Brands

    Teakruthi’s offerings originate from Ceylon, and they put a strong emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle which includes being mindful of what you’re putting into your body. Why teakruthi? To the folks at teakruthi, freshness matters. They warn that some teas you may buy at the grocery store or elsewhere could have been picked up […] More

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  • Let’s Talk About The Tazo Tea Brand

    Here’s a look at Tazo Tea, their various offerings, their commitment to communities and being responsible, and some links to help you learn more. Brand Feature – TAZO Tazo is the first tea brand that comes to mind for many people, whether it’s because of their prevalence in grocery stores across the world, or because […] More

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