The Best Black Friday Sales for Tea Drinkers in 2016

The sale is over. Check back next year!

Everyday is a special day when you’ve got a cup of tea in front of you, but once a year there comes a day that’s a bit extra special. That day, of course, is Black Friday… a day where you can get a head-start on your Holiday shopping, and grab a few things for yourself that you’ve been putting off all-year, waiting to find a great sale.

We’ve scoured the Internet of Tea, and come up with some of the best products that appeal to tea lovers. From tea leaves, to accessories like kettles and infusers, to beautiful cups, and anything in between that might pique your interest… you’ll find it here!

Each year, we’ll update this page so you can come back – like a special tradition – and we’ll always have something for you. What about the rest of the year, when it’s not black friday? We’ll still keep this page updated periodically with the best tea deals we come across, however our main focus is just for finding the best prices on tea during Black Friday, and we have other pages that will collect the best deals throughout the year as well. In any case – we’re all about giving you that extra little excuse you need to treat yourself, and sometimes a great discount is just what the Doctor ordered!

This year, Black Friday is taking place on November 25, 2016. 

We’re also putting together a collection of deals for Cyber Monday which will be live soon.

Please note: The results on this page are very limited for now, because we’re still waiting for all of the deals to be announced. Please check back often for updates, we will be updating this page daily until black friday is over!

Black Friday Loose Leaf Tea Deals

Many of your favorite online and local retailers will have some great sales on their loose leaf teas, here are some of the offerings from our favorite brands in 2016.

Tea Accessory Sales

Need a new teapot? A new kettle? Time to trade-in your old copper kettle for something electric? Or maybe you need an excuse to own a couple more infusers? Whatever the case may be, here are some irresistible offers from quality tea merchants who will ship it right to your door.

This is where we’ll include other items that may appeal to a tea-lover, but that will not necessarily be directly related to tea. Things like furniture, books, music, diffusers, candles, and anything else that helps set the ambiance of a relaxed, happy life.