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Better Your Bone Health with Black Tea

When you’re searching for a healthy beverage, tea is the perfect choice — it’s herbal, all natural, and soothing no matter its flavor. However, most of us who are tea drinkers have one specific tea type in mind when we’re hoping to reap even greater tea health benefits: green tea. Renowned internationally for its healthy reputation, green tea may do a body good, but it’s not the only healthy powerhouse around. Consider opting for black tea, another uniquely healthy tea.

According to World Tea News, researchers in Australia recently pitted different varieties against each other to determine what, exactly, they can offer drinkers’ bodies. After analyzing the tea-drinking habits of over 1,000 women for an entire decade, the researchers found that women who consumed three or more cups of black tea daily had better bone health. That’s right — multiple cups of black tea provided stronger bones.

Women who were consistent (and frequent) black tea drinkers were two-thirds less likely to develop bone fractures due to osteoporosis, and were 40 percent less likely to break or fracture a hip. Oh, and if you’re wondering how they took their tea, researchers discovered that the inclusion of milk didn’t matter. Both those who added milk to their cups of tea and those who did not saw the same benefits, meaning the bone-strengthening comes from the tea alone.

It’s the flavonoids in black tea that make it so beneficial for bone health. Researchers note that drinking three or more cups of tea per day meant drinkers’ bodies received 75 percent of their flavonoid intake from the beverage. So, while green tea may offer health benefits regardless of how many cups you sip, this study is good news for fans of black tea — grab a few cups each day, and you can work your way to stronger, sturdier bones.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.