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The Best Teas to Have on Hand for Social Gatherings

Are you planning on hosting a social gathering soon, and need some ideas for what type of tea you should have on hand or serve? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below are some of the best teas to always have in stock no matter what type of social gather you will be attending or hosting.

Green Tea for a Game Night

If you are hosting a game day for you and your friends, green tea is a great tea to have on hand. There is nothing better than warming up with a nice warm cup of tea and enjoying some board games or poker with your friends.

When having your friends over for this type of gathering, serving green tea is a good idea so that everyone stays alert and focused. It’ll help your guests to play at their best during a game of poker by choosing the best hand from highest to lowest or rummy, or even a game of Monopoly by staying sharp to avoid going bankrupt.

Sugar-Free Iced Matcha Tea for Movie Night

This is an extremely easy tea to make, but it is also a very healthy and impressive tea. Have some of your friends over for a night of watching rom-coms and they will be sure to be asking for your sugar-free matcha green tea recipe.

This will be much tastier than any store bought iced tea and much healthier for your guests. Plus, the best part about this tea is that you can control how much sugar goes into if. For example, if one of your guests enjoys their tea a little sweeter they can add a bit more, but for those guests who prefer their tea sugar free, it is still an option for them.

Rooibos for Dessert

Planning on hosting a dinner party but you are unsure which tea will satisfy your guests after a delicious meal? Rooibos tea makes for an amazing after-dinner tea. Rooibos tea is made from the bark of a wild bush in Africa and can be very settling for a full stomach.

This tea is traditionally taken in a British style where it is served with some sugar or a splash of milk. However, Americans are also known to drink rooibos tea with some herbs or fruits to add some extra flavor. No matter how you serve your rooibos tea to your dinner party guests, one thing is for certain: They are going to love it!

Iced Ginger Orange Infusion for a Garden Party

This is the perfect tea for a relaxing garden party. Have your friends over to hang out in your backyard or garden and serve up this iced ginger orange infusion tea for a guaranteed good time. This tea is also known to settle the stomach and refresh the palate, so it will make your guests feel even more relaxed as they enjoy the beauty of nature from your beautiful garden party.

Earl Grey for Afternoon Tea

Who doesn’t love a good British afternoon tea party? You can serve up a few cups of black tea such as Earl Grey or even a mint green tea for your guests while they enjoy sandwiches, scones, and little cakes. This will be sure to be a blast for everyone involved.

Important: Check out our favorite Earl Grey tea brands.

Make sure that if you’re hosting an afternoon tea at your own house that you serve your food on a three-tier stand (if you have one), with sandwiches on the bottom tier and cakes on the top tier. It is also traditional to serve the Earl Grey tea in a loose-leaf style from a teapot. But be sure that you include a filter for pouring the tea through so your guests don’t end up with loose tea in their teeth!

Now that you know which teas you need to have on hand, you will be ready to host a variety of a social gatherings at the drop of a hat!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.