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The Benefits of Tea Infuser Travel Mugs

There are so many different ways to take your tea on the go: a traditional mug with a fancy, snap-on lid; a thermos, designed to keep your steaming beverage warm; or even a simple travel mug, the kind originally meant to keep coffee drinkable during your commute. Yet tea is a unique drink, one that requires more than pouring and ingesting. The best cups of tea are carefully steeped, the leaves soaked just the right length of time in hot water and ready to enjoy while still hot. So, how can you recreate the same taste of tea that you love when you need to drink it as you run throughout your day? That’s the beauty of a tea infuser travel mug — the perfect way to enjoy your tea without a teapot, a stove, or even a traditional mug.

A tea infuser travel mug is somewhat self explanatory; it’s a travel mug that features an attachment, accessory, or component that can brew tea. That’s right, there’s no need to wait for your tea to steep before rushing out the door each morning — you can drop your favorite loose leaf blend, or even ready-made teabag of choice, into the infuser basket, fill the mug with water, and get on your way. Every tea infuser mug is different, but each features the same components: an insulated mug, a mesh infuser basket, and a lid meant to seal in the heat. With nothing more than these three pieces, you can brew your tea anywhere, and get sipping as soon as it’s done steeping right in your mug. Toss out your old tea leaves or tea bag, and you can make another cup in seconds.

From beautifully designed to extremely simple and straightforward, there are countless varieties of on-the-go tea infusers. Travel tea infuser mugs aren’t an expensive option, either, as they can be purchased for prices between $10 to $30. Do consider the size of the mug when choosing your portable tea infuser; every model and variety holds a different amount of water. If you’d prefer a larger infuser mug, remember that you’ll need to add more tea with each use to make the perfect brew.

If you’re looking for the perfect travel tea infuser mug for yourself, or for a fellow tea lover, consider one of these options:

Aladdin Perfect Cup Tea Infuser

This is my travel tea mug of choice whenever I brew at work or on the go. There’s no effort required at all to make and take a cup of tea with this mug; simply add hot water, stick your tea into the mesh basket, and use the lever to drop the herbs into the water for steeping. When you’re finished steeping, don’t unscrew the lid and release the heat — just flip the lever up, and the mug will pull the infuser basket out of the water so you can get drinking.

Sili Bake Tea Infuser Mug with Lid

Made of insulating double-walled glass, which keeps your tea as warm as possible, and silicone, making it easy to grip, this tea infuser mug comes apart for both easy use and easy cleaning. Place the infuser basket into a mug full of water, screw on the top, and you can start drinking your tea. Safe to use in both the microwave and dishwasher, this is a simple and straightforward infuser mug with sturdy construction.

Tea Forte KATI Insulated Ceramic Cup with Tea Infuser and Lid

This tea infuser mug allows you to easily remove your tea bag or loose leaf blend whenever steeping is complete. The infuser basket hooks over the edge of the cup, firmly held in place alone or with the aid of the included lid, drops your chosen tea into the hot water below. Whenever you’re ready to drink your tea, remove the infuser basket and reattach the lid — your tea will stay warm, thanks to its double walled construction and insulated ceramic.

Thanks to travel tea infuser mugs, it’s easier than ever to take your morning cup of tea on the road with you — and to refill it throughout the day, wherever you go. There are so many different designs, styles, and options; no matter which infuser mug you choose, you can keep your tea warm and your healthy herbal beverages handy when away from home.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.