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Former Barista Reveals 5 Tricks To Save Money At The Coffee Counter

When most people are trying to save money, they immediately look to their morning coffee routine as the biggest area of opportunity. And, there’s no blaming them. A flavoured latte at Starbucks can cost around $5. If you grabbed one of those every morning during the week, you’re looking at $25 a week – which is $100 a month! When you look at it that way, of course, you want to save money at the coffee counter!

Thankfully, there are ways to cut costs at the coffee shop without completely giving up your addiction.

Bring Your Own Cup

Starbucks, like many other coffee shops, offers a small discount to customers that bring her/his own cup. It doesn’t have to be a huge up-front investment either. Everyone has a few coffee tumblers hanging around in the kitchen cabinets. Those plastic tumblers can be picked up for a few bucks online. While it seems like a small discount, it can really add up over time.

Bring It Back to the Basics

If you are a latte drinker, have you considered making the switch over to coffee? You can still enjoy the milk and flavorings, but at half the cost. Try a misto – it’s half coffee, half steamed milk. It’s incredibly similar to a latte. Are you a chai tea latte fan? Then, make the switch to the chai tea bags and get a tea misto. You are essentially cutting the cost in half of your favorite beverage! And, in most cases, the calories too!

Skip the Snacks

Let’s face it – the food is overpriced. Why are you spending $2 to $3 on a scone when you could buy an entire breakfast for the week for the same price? Skip the food at your coffee place and you’ll be able to save a lot more dough.

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards serve a purpose – to reward frequent customers and make sure you keep coming back for more. Starbucks offers free drink incentives to customers that use their “Gold Card.” And, many other coffee shops do the same. Sure, you have to spend the money to save the money, but if you’re already going to be hitting up your barista for your next fix, why not join the club to save some money eventually?

Brew Your Own

Crazy, I know. But, you can save a ton of money by making your own coffee or tea. For my coffee drinkers, invest in a coffee maker or a French Press. And, if you like it iced, check out how to do a cold-brew. Tea drinkers – you have it even easier. You can make a gallon of tea and just leave it in the fridge for the week. And, if you’re weak in the knees for those chai tea lattes, there are tons of ways to make it at home. You can become your own barista and feel your wallet getting heavier.

Drinking coffee can be an expensive habit, but don’t think you have to quit just to catch a break financially. Hopefully these tips can help you save money at the coffee counter without ruining your daily caffeine intake.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.