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    How To Make Bulletproof Coffee Without a Blender

    Last updated: January 4th, 2017. This video shows exactly how to make bulletproof coffee. I’ve been making this stuff for years, and there are definitely some cons to using a traditional blender, so I found an easier way! My method is quicker, less cleanup, and frankly – without this little shortcut – I don’t think […] More

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    Echinacea Tea: Everything You Need To Know

    Today we’re going to be discussing echinacea tea. Eventually, we want to cover every single type of tea that exists but it’s going to take a long time… But you’re not in a hurry, are you? Good, neither are we. Here are some of the types of tea that we’ve looked at previously: Tea made […] More

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    Tea & Mindfulness: Using Your 5 Senses To Live In The Moment

    Mindfulness is an approach to living where we become aware and accepting/acknowledging of what is directly around us and can experience life more fully. You probably think of Buddhist monks sitting on a stone floor but this attitude is weaved into traditions from many different religious and cultural backgrounds. To fully experience tea as a […] More

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    Tea Connoisseurship: Why Tea Deserves The Same Respect That Wine Gets

    When you think of connoisseurship, what comes to mind? Wine, almost certainly, leaps to the front of consciousness. Perhaps this is for good reason, as the sommelier has been associated with fine wine since shortly after the French Revolution, when fine restaurants began to emerge. What else, did fine cheese come to mind? Or, more […] More

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    Best Tea Subscription Box: Comparing 11 Tea of the Month Clubs

    Treat yourself, or give the gift of a cuppa. When you’re looking for a tea subscription box or a tea of the month club to join, it’s a lot easier when you can compare a handful of them at once – so we’ve done the research to make that easy and to help you choose […] More

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    Yerba Mate Tea: All About This Bitter Brew

    Known to have the “strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate”, yerba mate tea makes an exceptional beverage. Yerba mate is the plant that is widely recognized as the making the beverage mate. Popular in South America cultures, it is consumed at a ratio of 6:1 over coffee. Yerba […] More

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    8 Tea Cocktails To Help You Get Silly

    With so many flavors, tea offers up a world of possibilities as a great ingredient for cocktails. Sweet, sour, savory, hot or cold, there are so many combinations available. Here are a few suggestions that you may want to try while awaiting warmer days ahead. Sweet Tea Bourbon Cocktail: The southern states love their sweet […] More

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    Why Flower Tea is Fantastic – and Why You Should Try It

    What, exactly, is flower tea? When you first hear the name, it evokes images of flowers unfolding in a steaming hot mug of water – and that’s just what flower tea does. If you have yet to see a beautiful bloom grow into a gorgeous floral masterpiece of tea, flower tea is a variety you’ll […] More

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    Does Raspberry Leaf Tea Actually Help Ease Labor?

    As spring approaches, the world begins to change. The old melts away and the new quickly blossoms. Nature is cyclical. We try our best to be prepared for the new. When planning for a new family member, we strive for a nutritious diet and often seek the best way to make this taxing process a […] More

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    White Tea 101: All About The Least Processed Tea on Earth

    As you peruse through the tea aisle at your local grocery store or even a specialty tea shop, ever notice the abundance of Green, Black, and Oolong teas but hardly ever find any White teas? High-quality White Tea is, without a doubt, one of the more difficult teas to come by – and for good […] More

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    Get to Know the Different Types of Tea

    There are two drinks that are consumed more than any others in the world: water and tea. While we drink water to hydrate our bodies, tea is an entirely different beverage, one that’s earned itself the name of the most widely consumed drink (after water, of course) thanks to the millions of people who enjoy […] More

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    Best Organic Tea Brands: Keep Your Tea Natural

    Do you know what’s hiding inside your tea bags? Tea is meant to be good for your body and your health, an herbal product created from nature’s leaves and blooms, meant to be enjoyed organically. Despite its natural creation, not all tea is organic and pure though – in fact, you might be surprised to […] More

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