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    Plum Deluxe Is All About Embracing Life’s Moments

    We’ve been very excited to get to know some of the team members at Plum Deluxe recently. Plum Deluxe is an online tea store but also a lot more. It’s more than just tea, it’s about what tea represents, the relaxation and sitting down to enjoy that moment in time, the relaxation of your own […] More

  • The Art of Tea brand are all about putting out excellent blends of tea.

    Art of Tea Creates Masterpieces In Your Tea Cup

    Art of Tea is a tea brand based out of Los Angeles, California who say they first “planed their seeds” in the tea world, so to speak, when the founder was studying preventative medicine in 1996. You can fast forward a bit, and at the end of the day, all signs pointed to tea. Here […] More

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    The Boston Tea Company Is Making Tea American Still

    Founded in 1949, The Boston Tea Company has continued the traditions originating from the historic Boston Tea Party in 1773, being the first company to market flavored teas. This company’s signature blend is the Boston’s Mint-In-Tea. This company has a notable role in the foundations of American tea culture. The Foundations of the Boston Tea […] More

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    Is The Aladdin Tea Infuser Mug Actually Worth The Price?

    There were some older models of the Aladdin Tea Infuser Mug that were just downright not great, to put it kindly. We’ve actually featured a newer version of this product as a decent budget option for somebody who needs a loose leaf tea infuser bottle, but we wanted to dig a bit deeper, and to […] More

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    19 Types of Flower Tea You Can Grow In Your Garden

    We’ll preface this by saying that you can, indeed, make tea from just about anything. “Traditionally” tea refers to the drink made from the Camellia sinensis plant (So whether it’s black tea, green tea, white tea, and everything in between – it’s all from the same leaves), but floral and herbal teas can make for some […] More

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    Best Red Tea Kettle For The Money [Updated for 2018]

    If you’re looking for a new kettle, then obviously you want one that’s going to work great, and provide excellent value. But sometimes, we need a little more than that, right? Sometimes, it’s got to fit in with our decor just right. I mean, all things being equal, you may as well get one that’s […] More

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    Best Sleep Tea to Drink Before Bed To Fall Asleep Easier

    There are a number of herbal teas, or tisanes, that can be very beneficial at bedtime. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, we can’t promise that drinking the right tea will fix that for you, but many people do experience an easier time falling asleep, and a more restful sleep, after drinking certain types of […] More

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    8 Best Tea Rooms in Los Angeles, California

    Los Angeles is a super diverse city in California, home to many different cultures, with an incredible culinary scene where you can find world-class fare. Best Places to get Tea In Los Angeles Looking for something on the lighter side? Looking to relax? The best tea houses in L.A. have a lot to offer, from […] More

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    Dear Canadians: It’s Not Called ‘The Earl Grey Tea’

    Have you ever heard someone refer to Earl Grey Tea is “The Earl Grey Tea?”  There’s a very specific reason for that, and it’s kind of interesting how it came to be… Let’s start with a quick lesson about Canada. In Canada, they have two national languages, English and French. As such, any packaged products […] More

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    8 Seasonal Starbucks Drinks That Are Worth Waiting All Year For

    Starbucks is well known for it’s specialty seasonal drinks. These drinks come out during different times of the year to much appreciation and hype. Here are the list of those that are worth waiting for: 8) Starbucks Eggnog Latte if you’re into that sort of thing. Let’s be real: Eggnog is an acquired taste. Either […] More

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    Tea Journals: It’s a Warm Comforting Hug in a Cup

    Sometimes, especially after a particularly nice cup, it can be very enjoying to write about tea and share your thoughts, knowing that other tea lovers out there are going to read them. The following entry was sent in by one of our readers. If you’d like to share your own thoughts about tea (specific types, […] More

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