You’ll Fawn Over This Teacup When It Touches The Saucer

Do you know what anamorphosis is? It’s a distorted image, at first glance, but when looking at it from a particular angle or using a mirror or lens, it shows up normal.

It’s easier to show it than to explain it:

Here's an example of anamorphosis

There are tons of cool examples of anamorphosis out there (here’s a gallery with some great ones), but this one might be your new favorite.

Not only is this teacup really great looking, but watch what happens when you shift it to the side a little bit…

See, deer?

These are Luycho cups, and this one will run you 60,000원 (won, the currency is South Korea) which is just over $50 USD. Luycho’s motto is “A New world on Mirrors.” They also make some smaller espresso cups and a variety of others, with the same revealing mirror design, for around $30.

If you like to collect unique and interesting teacups, or just look at them, we’ve put together a gallery of some of the most unique ones we’ve come across in our travels across the internet.