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Amanzi Tea Like To Keep The Tea Experience Simple and Accessible

Amanzi Tea operates in London, UK and was conceived in Zimbabwe, then grown from a small teacart to an online retail business. In Shona, Amanzi means water, apart from being the source of life, it’s the essential element for a perfect cup of tea.

The Amanzi Approach

Doing tea differently and reshaping the traditional perceptions of tea is the main passion driving Amanzi Tea.

With a mission to engage and excite people by exploring the possibilities of tea, this tea company is mixing the old with the new, by using old ingredients and new innovations to create unique blends.

Amanzi Tea believe in constantly creating and evolving to produce fine and delicious blends and that their quality is reflected in the purity of their tea.

The passion of their people and the innovation of their processes completes the circle, making this tea company seriously dedicated to providing high quality standards.

The Amanzi Tea Bar

Amanzi Tea decided that they wanted to set the standard for the modern tea house and are striving to become the world’s leading tea bar brand. They have created a welcoming place for tea drinkers to hang out with friends and try exciting new teas and blends.

The best water and variable temperatures for variable botanicals helps create a perfect cup of tea, which is what this tea company is all about. There’s something for everyone at the Amanzi Tea Bar, with tea cocktails, frappe’s, bubble teas, chai and a dedicated Matcha menu.

Here Are Some of Their Noteworthy Teas

There are over 100 premium loose leaf teas available at Amanzi Tea, which are sourced from all over the globe. Amanzi says that their tea is a premium grade, sourced from rare single estates in Argentina, Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Taiwan.

Offering smoky and exotic blends, they’re also proud of their indulgent teas with toffee and chocolate.

Lapsang Souchong

This is a classic, premium black tea from China, famous for its rich and smoky flavor, which is infused using pinewood smoke. This tea has a distinctive taste that can be enjoyed either black or white. It is said that this tea helps boost the immune system and increases energy levels.

Cherry Heaven

This fruity and spicy tea is made from sour cherries, apples, hibiscus blooms, elderberries and rose hips, to create a flavor punch that is said to relieve stress and tension. This caffeine free blend is sweet and tangy, which would make a perfect iced tea to enjoy in the warmer months.

Golden Monkey King

Sourced from a premium single estate in the Fujian province in China, this China Black tea is exclusive, according to Amanzi Teas, being the black tea equivalent of silver needle, which is some of the best white tea. This is a full bodied and smooth tea, with hints of cocoa, roasted nuts and honeyed apricot.

Amanzi Tea is a company that likes to keep it simple. There are no gimmicks or ultra-fancy packaging to drive up costs.

Their website has only pictures of their tea in a glass cups, to show the various colors and hues. Matcha sets and various tea wares are for sale, including tea pots, cups and travellers, so check them out and see for yourself.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.