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All About Turkish Tea

Tea is very popular around the world. When you think of “tea countries”, Turkey might not be one of the first ones that come to mind, but they have a deep and rich tea culture.

Many people think that Turkey is a country of avid coffee drinkers, especially due to the name of a specific type of coffee that is drank in Eastern Europe called Turkish Coffee, however tea is wildly popular there.

The most common type of tea in Turkey is Caykur Rize tea, which is similar to black tea sold in stores, and has all the benefits of black and green tea, plus the distinct ability to bring people together.

Turkish Tea is Enjoyed in the Company of Friends

Bringing people together is one of the biggest benefits of Turkish tea. There is a specific tea drinking culture in Turkey which stipulates that tea has to be drank in the company of friends and family. This helps keep family bonds strong and makes friendships deeper.

In Turkey, many people enjoy tea all around the clock. There are tea houses where you can stop in for a drink. The problem is that these tea houses don’t always take kindly to female visitors read about one experience with that here which can definitely be a culture shock and an all-around unfortunate policy.

Turkish Tea can Boost Energy

Turkish style tea can be very strong, even standing toe to toe with coffee. Some people prefer tea as a source of caffeine, because it doesn’t give them the same “jitters” they might feel from coffee.

While enjoying the rush from a strong tea, there are a lot of ways that people might pass the time like playing a game – from video game players to poker players – that extra focus from a strong tea can be helpful – even though we often think of tea as a drink for relaxation.

Rize – The Capital of Turkish Tea

The most popular type of Turkish tea is Caykur Rize. In fact, Rize is often found being part of the best places to visit if you are tea lover. Rize is a mountainous region in Turkey, which has a mild climate throughout most of the year, and tends to produce a very unique flavor in tea.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.