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    The Downton Abbey Exhibition Includes An Actual Tea Party

    For those who might not know about Downton Abbey, it’s a historical British tv series set in Yorkshire between the years of 1912 to 1926. Downton Abbey is a fictional country estate where the lives of the servants and the aristocratic Crawley family play out, with actors including Dame Maggie Smith, Elizabeth McGovern and Michelle […] More

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    Zhena’s Gypsy Tea: Putting the Tea in Social Responsibility

    zhenas- gypsy- tea

    Located in Commerce, CA., Zhena’s Gypsy Tea is a leading purveyor of fair trade and organic certified teas, herbs and spices with a passion for motivating women to change and heal the world. Their mission is to offer delicious, aroma-therapeutic products in waste-free packaging while helping communities around the globe. The Inspirational Tale of Zhena’s […] More

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    It’s Time For The National Tea Day FesTEAval in Britain

    If you’re a dedicated tea sipper and lucky enough to be in London on April 21st and 22nd in 2018, you can celebrate your passion at the National Tea Day “Festeaval”, which is an annual event. Also celebrated in tea rooms, cafés, pubs and hotels throughout Britain, the two-day festival includes charitable fundraising events across […] More

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    These 4 Fortune Telling Teacups Make Divination Easy

    If ever you’ve enjoyed a cup of loose leaf tea, you might’ve noticed the seemingly random designs left behind by the tea leaves. Most of us rinse them out without giving them another thought, but these fortune-telling tea cups make divination easy, with the symbols already painted on the inside. Divination with Fortune-Telling Tea Cups […] More

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    Celebration Herbals Are Keeping Their Tea Natural

    An offshoot of their family business (Organic Connections) Celebration Herbals is located in Canada and is operated by two parents, two children and their dedicated assistants. After having been in the organic herb and spice trade as a wholesale distributor for ten years, they decided to branch into tea blends in 1997. With a focus […] More

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    The Psychological Benefits of Drinking Tea

    Apart from the rituals related to tea and the endless varieties available, a cup of tea has a unique power all of its own, making us feel better just by thinking about it. It’s not only about tea and sympathy. The Contrast Between Tea & Coffee It seems that most people rely on coffee for […] More

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    10 Times Tea Was Featured In The Movies

    Countless life experiences have been portrayed in the movies and for many of us, we’ve learned about cultures and customs that we might’ve otherwise not have been exposed to. With the humble cup of tea, the idea of pausing to relax and unwind has been depicted in a variety of ways, whether in a traditional […] More

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    Stash Tea is Proud to Offer the Portland Experience

    stash- tea

    Located in Portland, OR., Stash Tea laid down their roots in 1972. Back then, they’d never dreamed that their tea would one day be enjoyed all around the world. After decades of offering quality tea, they’ve never lost touch with their small town beginnings and strive to align themselves with the Portland vibe. Ten years ago, […] More

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