7 Places To Get Free Tea Samples Online

You have your favorite, go-to tea blend — maybe it’s a spicy black, or a tropical green. Whatever it is, you stick with it, turning to this beloved tea often. Sometimes, though, we all need a little variety in our tea drinking lives. How do you go about finding new blends, flavors, and varieties that are worth sipping? Chances are, you’ve found yourself purchasing entire bags or boxes of tea just to try a taste.

Instead of spending money on boxes of unfamiliar blends and hoping for the best, try testing out new teas with free samples. You don’t have to look far to find different companies who give customers the chance to try out their unique tea offerings. Here are a few different options to try the next time you’re looking for a brand-new tea.

  1. Twinnings USA

Receive three free samples of tea from Twinnings. Simply visit their site, choose which flavors and blends you’d like to try, and Twinnings will send them your way. No purchase or payment of any kind is needed — they’re 100 percent free.

  1. Mighty Leaf

If you’re already a fan of Mighty Leaf tea varieties, but are considering branching out and trying new types, consider taking advantage of their free sample offering. When you make a purchase on the Mighty Leaf website, you receive two free samples of your choice.

  1. David’s Tea

Are you a frequent buyer of David’s Tea? Make your next tea purchase on their website, and you’ll receive three free samples of their teas. Although shoppers don’t get to choose which teas David’s includes with their order, the company tries to select varieties that complement those purchased.

  1. Design a Tea

Online tea retailer Design a Tea offers shoppers the chance to try out five different samples of their tea for $5. When you purchase your samples, $2 of your money spent goes towards your next purchase on the site. So, if you’re a fan of what Design a Tea offers after receiving your samples, you’ll begin your purchase with a small discount.

  1. Yezi Tea

Make a purchase at Yezi Tea, and you’ll have the opportunity to choose three free samples from their wide selection of tea types. Whether you want to find new blends similar to your favorite flavors, or are hoping to try something completely unfamiliar, Yezi allows you to add any samples you’d like to your order.

  1. Nature’s Inventory

If you haven’t tried the tea varieties offered by Nature’s Inventory, you can receive free samples of their selections for just $2.04. Select two samples and pay for shipping, and Nature’s Inventory will send them your way. If you choose to make a purchase on the website, your samples will be sent to you free of charge.

  1. Birchall Tea

With the completion of one easy form, you can select a single free tea sample from Birchall Tea. No purchase, payment for shipping, or any additional requirements — just answer a few questions and the company will send over a sample of one of their many teas.

Written by Tea Perspective