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5 Ways Coffee and Tea Can Work Together

There’s no shortage of posts comparing coffee and tea, often in a sense of “what’s better?”

While this is a tea blog, we love our coffee too, and wanted to highlight some of the ways that these two drinks can work together. We’ll get  the most obvious answer out of the way first…

5. Mixing Coffee and Tea

We have a surprising amoung of people coming to the site because they’re interested in learning about green tea coffee, but there are a lot of other combinations you could make, especially when it comes to herbal teas. We’ve brewed coffee using an herbal minty chocolate tea before, and the result is quite interesting!

It’s not for everyone, and we can’t say there are any particular benefits to mixing the two, but it is the most literal way that they can work together, so to speak.

4. The French Press

The French Press is one of the best tools when it comes to making an excellent cup of coffee. It might not quite have the same levels of prestige as a perfect pour over, but this handy tool is more versatile than a lot of people realize.

You use a French Press to make coffee by adding ground beans to the bottom, adding water, then plunging it down to sepeate the beans from the water.

By using it slightly differently, you’re able to make tea really easily. Instead of putting the tea at the bottom, if you put the plunger first, THEN add the tea on top of it, you can simply lift it up and your tea will be separated from the water with no more cleanup than a quick rinse.

3. Borrowing a Chilly Preparation Tip from Tea

Making iced tea where you leave it to sit in room temperate or cool water for an extended period of time, without “cooking” the leaves in hot water, can result in some really nice flavors, different than brewed tea.

You can do that with coffee, too. Cold brew coffee is made without the use of hot water, but still results in a potentially strong* brew that’s super convenient since you can make it well ahead of time and enjoy your batch all week. Check out more information about that over at Home Grounds.

*You  have control over the strength, since you’ll need to dilute it with water, you can either use or more or less, to taste.

2. Celebrate the Similarities

Instead of trying to choose which is better, there’s a time and a place for everything!

There’s a reason you’ll almost always find both drinks available on menus, or at least you’ll almost always find tea at coffee shops – coffee at a tea shop isn’t quite as common.

They both have a variety of possible benefits to your health, they can help with mental clarity and cognition, they both help wake you up in the morning.

Daily coffee drinks might not feel the same kick from it, but if you’re a tea drinking and you need that extra OOMPH, then a cup of coffee really does the trick. Alternatively, if you’re already down a few cups of joe, and you don’t want to get the jitters, switching over to tea can help keep you cruising along without crashing during the day.

1. Yerba Mate – The Perfect Balance of Both?

If coffee and tea were to show up at the same family reunion of caffeinated drinks, you’d see old Uncle Yerba there too. Yerba Mate is really popular in certain parts of the world, like Argentina, and starting to become more widely consumed in North America.

Some of you are thinking, “Wait a second, why is the number 1 thing on a list of coffee and tea something that isn’t coffee nor tea?” And you’d have a very valid point!

This drink gives you a sustained boost of energy that some have described as feeling “smoother” than the usual caffeine you’d feel from coffee and even tea.

The taste is an acquired one, it’s more on the bitter side of the spectrum.

Final Thoughts/Conclusion…

At the end of the day, it all comes back to quality. If you’re putting good ingredients into your drinks, good things will come out of them. Some people say they don’t really like tea, but they’ve only tried cheap tea bags from a grocery store, and the same applies to coffee beans, too. If you’re sourcing amazing coffee for cold brew, it’s going to taste a lot different than using stale beans. Especially with cold brew, since it doesn’t cook the beans the same way, you can pick up on a lot of different flavors, so if you pick quality beans, you’ll have a much tastier drink!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.