5 Noteworthy and Successful Tea Drinkers

We all define success in our own ways. What one person considers to be a massive success, another might view as a futile pursuit.

There are people who are rich beyond their wildest dreams, that have living families and enough free time to do as they please, including philanthropic pursuits. There are other people who are dirt-poor and reap just as much enjoyment out of life, live relatively stress-free, also having loving families and do everything they can to help those around them.

The nice thing about tea is that everyone can enjoy it. When you’re sitting down for a hot cup of tea, it doesn’t matter if you invented the latest billion dollar app or if you spend your days farming for a few cents an hour to feed your family… for those few moments, you’re in exactly the same place as everyone else who is sipping tea.

We just wanted to preface this post, because the people featured here – we’re defining their success moreso based on their financial positions, because we don’t know how happy or fulfilled they are in their day to day life, and frankly it’s not really any of our business.

Honest Tea Co-Founder Seth Goldman

Seth became a multi-millionaire when he sold a big stake of his company to Coca-Cola. As co-founder, Seth helped Honest Tea grow from a small brand to being sold in stories all around the world. Also, bonus points for a solid pun. More recently, Seth Goldman joined up with the Bill Gates-backed startup Beyond Meat.

“We are at an unprecedented moment in the food-and-beverage industry where new concepts emerge quickly and powerfully,” Goldman told Jay Moye in an interview for the Coca-Cola blog. 

Musician Taylor Swift

Does she really need an intro? Taylor is the most famous person on this list, and she’s been spotted many times enjoying a cup of tea by herself or with friends. Need proof? Here’s a whole collection of photos of Taylor enjoying the best drink on earth. It has been said that singers use tea to sooth their vocal chords. Lady Gaga is another huge advocate for tea, as is Joss Stone and many others from the music world including Elton John, who collects rare and antique tea sets.

Pravi Pucati CEO Stojan Božidar

Stojan lives a very private life, but he is known to love a good cup of tea. As far as we know, he isn’t involved in the tea industry at all, beyond offering free tea to all of his employees at Pravi Pucati and not having a coffee machine. Around the holidays, he sends a tea gift basket to all of his local staff in Serbia, along with all of his remote workers around the world (Mostly programmers and video game developers.)

Actor Michael Caine


It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that a British guy loves tea. Tea’s a worldwide thing, but they have a special unmatched appreciation over in Britian. While on set with director Christopher Nolan, Caine joked that Nolan drank so much tea that he must have been mixing it with something harder.

“I asked him, ‘You’ve not got vodka in there, have you?'” recalled the legendary actor. 

Which brings us to…

Director Christopher Nolan

Christopher has made some landmark films during his career, from The Dark Knight, to Man of Steel, to Interstellar… just to name a few. He’s known for spending time in the kitchens of his actors while they go over the script, as he doesn’t want to leave the script behind, and while he waits for them he’s often sipping tea.

Nolan has an assistant named Andy who is like a ninja at finding him tea. Nolan was quoting as saying that Andy could find tea for him on a glacier.