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5 Reasons Why Tea Makes an Incredible Pre-Workout

If you’ve ever looked at your grandma and thought, “Damn Granny, how’d you get so yolked?!” the secret’s finally out of the bag. It’s not the decades she spent carrying around children and grandchildren, and she didn’t develop those sick gainz from stirring her secret tomato sauce recipe… it’s all that tea she drinks. Wait, what? Yeahhhhh buddy, tea.

There are a lot of reasons that people like to drink tea, and there are a few reasons why tea is becoming more and more popular in the hardcore bodybuilding community. Here’s 5…

5. That Pre-workout Jolt 



Tea usually doesn’t have quite as much caffeine as a coffee, but it also won’t leave you feeling jittery or make you crash after a couple of hours. A couple cups of tea can give you just the boost you need.

4. If You Can Look Tough Holding a Cup of Tea…

… Then you’re officially tough. A lot of people act tough, but deep down they’re actually just using it as a facade because they’re insecure. If you can’t sit there with your big meat-paws holding a fine China tea cup and feeling like a boss, it’s time to check yourself.

3. Tea’s Have a Plethora of Potential Health Benefits


Why do you hit the gym everyday? Sure, it’s to get huge and look awesome, but for a lot of people that train, it’s to be healthy and to feel great.

Living a long, healthy life is a lot better than living a short, uncomfortable life where you feel bad all the time. Different types of tea, including herbal teas, have been associated with all sorts of different health benefits.

2. Arnold Attributes His Mr. Olympia Victories To Tea

"Come with me if you want to sip."

“Come with me if you want to sip.”

Okay, this one isn’t true at all, but I’m running out of ideas and there were still two more spots on this list. If you can’t tell by now, this list obviously isn’t 100% serious and chances are that your grandma isn’t even yolked. Bro, does your granny even lift? But some people are going to just skim this list quickly, and they’ll live the rest of their lives thinking that tea is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s secret weapon.

They’ll probabally spread it like broscience at their local gyms, and there will be thousands of people out there drinking tea to be like Arnold. Aren’t you glad you took two minutes to actually read the article? Let’s see what else we can get them to believe…

1. Tea Is Literally Testosterone, That’s Why It’s Called “T” 

A lot of people don’t realize that the reason tea is called that is because of the “T” from testosterone. Tea is basically liquid test. You don’t have to spend thousands of bucks a year on crazy muscle growth supplements, just steep a cup of tea and make sure you read #2 on this list.

Now, some teas do have health benefits that have been studied, and some serious health fanatics swear by their daily cup of tea, but ultimately the biggest benefit you’re going to get is pure and simple relaxation. Your most important set of the day is your rest and recovery time.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.